Fifty shades of grey 2 darker

the sequel zu Fifty Shades von Grey, a 2015 book-to-film adaptation about ns romantic and sexual tribulations of christian Grey and Anastasia Steele, is called Fifty Shades Darker.

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we aren’t linguistic theorists, yet it seems that this title, relying on the comparative form of “dark,” would show that this movie zu sein precisely 50 shades darker 보다 the zuerst movie.

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If freundin ignore that ns obvious darkest moments of this trilogy come from a normally clunky understanding des BDSM und gender und power dynamics, you can trace most of the darkness in the zuerst movie to dim lighting and Christian’s reliance on handcuffs. But zu go 50 shades darker than that might mean going to a place that couple of would want zu venture, and from i beg your pardon some might never return (i.e., jamie Dornan’s exhilaration career).

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And deswegen intrepid reporters Kaitlyn Tiffany and Lizzie Plaugic went to lakers the movie zum themselves, unafraid yet deeply curious as to how dark sachen could yes, really go. The following ist a mathematical, strikt considered breakdown von Fifty Shades Darker, shade von shade, to answer ns question: How numerous shades darker is Fifty Shades Darker, really?


Our screening is at Lincoln Square AMC weist 6:30PM. Hinweisen this time of year, that’s taken into consideration night. The dark outside. +1 shade Darker

We are punkt a press screening, which zu sein a dark event an itself, because it method people v notepads and cinematic criticisms oase been diverted from the average moviegoing folk. Ns experience ist similar kommen sie going kommen sie a birthday party where everyone has actually been paid kommen sie attend. Another shade darker: the lights bei the theatre go down. +2 Shades Darker

The movie opens with a flashback von a young boy being abused by in older man who is presumably his father. This zu sein the erste thing we see an Fifty Shades Darker. +1 shade Darker

A moody coffee shop cover of Coldplay’s “The Scientist” plays together we get a slow pan von Seattle streets. +1 shade Darker

Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) finishes produziert work day at in independent posting company and heads out zu attend a friend’s art show. Together she’s leaving, herstellung conventionally attractive ceo (Flash Gordon’s Eric Johnson) claims that produziert dress ist very nice an that special way that way he’s not a good guy. +1 the shade Darker

At die gallery, ana notices the most von the nett is just giant black-and-white portraits of produziert leaning versus trees und giggling — the kind of picture that come pre-selected wie you buy a frame. Herstellung artist friend thinks they möchte launch his career. +1 shade Darker

Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan), who has apparently been lacking from Ana’s life weil das months, buys every photo of analente because he doesn’t want other people to look at her. +2 Shades Darker

lizzie und kaitlyn celebrate irradiate moments through sips of a standard american beverage

Christian and ana go zu dinner together kommen sie discuss why lock should begin dating again. Spoiler: it’s due to the fact that they’re in a film franchise. Ana says there wollen be “no rules” this time, and Christian states “Um… sure.” the mood ist briefly lightened by a really squeaky wine cork. The squeaks while christen Grey glares hinweisen a waitress who zu sein simply opened a bottle des wine zum him as requested, and we all laugh. Lizzie and Kaitlyn memory the moment by sipping indigenous a can of Coke und a file cup von Diet Coke, respectively. +1 shade Lighter

Over quinoa salad and steak with french fries, christian says “My mom passed away when ich was 4. She was a crack addict.” +1 Shade Darker

Ana says, “Why didn’t you tell me?” that says, “I did. You were asleep, though.” +1 the shade Lighter

As a reward zum getting with dinner with er (and agreeing kommen sie date him again), christian gives analente a brand-new MacBook with “no strings attached,” other than a schwarze farbe satin ribbon he took off a Glossier schädlich set. This reminds Kaitlyn and Lizzie the their computer systems are two years alt — not that old, but not brand-new either. Lock don’t function perfectly anymore, und they’re complete of dead skin. +2 Shades Darker

A young woman with bandages on herstellung wrists appears in the street, bring away Ana, then says “I’m nobody” und runs away. +5 Shades Darker

Ana references Dante’s Inferno to her boss. +1 the shade Darker

Christian says “Calm isn’t really my forte.” The film is having in Italian moment. +5 Shades Darker

Ana takes christen to ns grocery store zu let us understand that she’s blieb voluntarily living prefer a poor personen who has kommen sie sully herself by touching packaged food and cash. She uses vanilla Ben & Jerry’s together a metaphor zum herself as a person being, und then so buys it. Ns grocery store had weist least 10 various other flavors von Ben & Jerry’s, and, ich assure you, many, countless cheaper options if all ana wanted was vanilla ice cream. Ns world is deshalb full des metaphors zum one’s personality that are less des a self-own 보다 saying “I’m this vanilla ice cream.” +3 Shades Darker

Christian Grey purchases the drücken sie that analente works at, climate transfers thousands of dollars into her bank account against produziert will. +5 Shades Darker

The “I’m nobody” girl (not kommen sie be puzzled with “I’m no one” indigenous Star Wars: the Force Awakens) zu sein now attract Doc Martens. +1 the shade Darker

Some psychotic jene happen bei rapid succession: christen takes ana to a hair salon owned von Kim Basinger, who happens to be ns older woman who gott him right into the geschlecht stuff the does now. She like, “Why would you take me here?” he’s like, “I literally schutz no idea.” Next, christen reveals the he keeps records on every his “prospective subs,” including Ana. This shocks her weil das some reason. Next, the reveals that one von his vault subs ist obsessed with ihm again because her husband died bei a automobile crash, and deshalb she tried to kill herself bei his apartment. This does notfall shock ana for some reason. Time kommen sie make out. +5 Shades Darker

Kaitlyn and Lizzie realize die woman christen was talking about is the “I’m nobody” frau who wears Doc Martens. Figuring something out weil das once ist nice. +1 shade Lighter

Ana ausblüten feels prefer she doesn’t understand Christian, deswegen Christian, like ns logical cartographer that he is, says something like, “Let me give freundin a map.” the map ist the cigarette-burn scars top top his chest, which ist kind des a metaphor und kind von a nightmare. Climate — lakers if you tun können keep hoch here — ana pulls out her red lipstick und traces ns scars on his body like a toddler with a crayon. (She’s a intuitive learner.) ich think if they had actually turned ns camera fully to face jamie Dornan at this point, us would lakers that Dakota johnson actually drew a giant smiley face ~ above his chest. Later, after several hours and a party, christian takes turn off his shirt und the lipstick lines on his chest are blieb crisp and perfect somehow. +2 Shades Darker

Ana it s okay a makeover! +1 shade Lighter

Christian has analente spit on a couple von metal ping-pong balls (spit zu sein not a great lubricant, Christian) und then stellen them in her vagina, saying, “You’ll figure out what castle for.” she like, “lol, okay!” and Lizzie und Kaitlyn space like, “Noooooo!” A frau sitting an front des us zu sein annoyed von Lizzie offer as die voice von the resistance. She tells us to geschlossen up. We’re sitting an the dark, but freundin know those really dark? Putting huge metal objects hoch into her body before in evening the end on the town. Die male director und male screenwriter des this movie have to ask who what a vagina ist sometime. +2 Shades Darker

Note: Kaitlyn und Lizzie danach looked trost these steel balls on their work computers and discovered castle a echt thing. However, the Wikipedia page for Ben Wa balls states they room “marble-sized.” We are 100 percent confident saying “Okay, sure, whatever” to ja wirklich Ben Wa balls and 100 percent confident standing by our original assessment von “No fucking way” in regards kommen sie the things portrayed in this film.

Masks! +1 the shade Darker

analente wears a gray dress zu Christian’s parents’ masquerade gala. It’s a pale shade of gray, und it’s satin, deshalb it reflects a fair amount des light. +1 shade Lighter

Apropos des nothing, christen says “I don’t know whether to worship punkt your feet or spank you.” Everyone in the theater laughs, because like us, they oase expectations zum the reasonable procession des narratives and dialogue betwee human beings, und those expectations were upset by this bizarre outburst über one des the film’s main characters. +1 Shade Lighter

Upstairs an Christian’s childhood bed, ana gets 4 medium spanks und some an ext missionary lage sex. Christen does remember kommen sie take out die metal balls, yet only after ~ Lizzie and Kaitlyn yell hinweisen him zum several minutes. Shortly after orgasm (?), analente notices Christian’s UFC poster has a small photo des his dead mom tucked into the corner. Bei response kommen sie this, she says, “Is this your room?” +4 Shades Darker

A guy in a mask takes a photo of a photo an the staircase. +1 shade Darker

Kim Basinger tells ana that christen “needs a submissive an life.” climate she puts on a mask through no eye holes. +2 Shades Darker

analente and christen enter a parking garage. Parking garages room scary. Mental The Dark Knight? +1 the shade Darker

Ana and Christian leave ns parking garage in terror. (We honestly cannot remember why. This movie clips along at the pace of a infamous racist’s confirmation together Attorney General.) castle go zu a boat und do some Night Boating. +2 Shades Darker

Boat showering. +1 shade Darker

The lipstick map zu sein still top top Christian’s body, which Lizzie und Kaitlyn just love. +1 shade Lighter

The following morning, analente is put on a perfect boating outfit, including a cozy-looking J.Crew sweater and adorable loafers. When she steers the boat und laughs uproariously bei the sun, a moody song von Zayn Malik and Taylor Swift plays. The doesn’t fit with the scene punkt all, however Lizzie und Kaitlyn enjoy themselves, as Zayn’s voice ist beautiful. +10 Shades Lighter

in American flag zu sein visible. The whole audience thinks “Oh shit, die United States is where us live. It has gained so bad here.” +1 shade Darker

Ana sends christen a text, und it’s revealed that this ist the erste text she has actually sent him since the beginning von the film. Sie might think this zu sein a sign that, weil das lovers, they have shockingly few phone interactions. The truth zu sein that christian is constantly an Ana’s grill so hard that there would barely be any reason zum them zu use phones. +1 shade Darker

Christian tells ana she can’t go on a arbeit trip to new York, and at zuerst she’s like “You can’t tell me what kommen sie do!” but then christian is favor “What if i go to neu York v you, I schutz a ar there, I in very wealthy” and then ana is like, “Okay!” Then ana tells her boss she can’t walk to new York anymore, and no one ever before goes to new York? +7 Shades Darker