Fifa 17 Ps4 Controller Pc

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FIFA ist a football simulation through some von the many immersive online modes available bei the sports genre. Ns real-time changes und FUT draft make it much more realistic und competitive for ns vast population of players. Moreover, there zu sein a wide selection of offline modes the received enhancements this year.

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How zu fix FIFA controller issues on PC

1. Delete your Profile

Start die game.Go zu preferred mode where concerns occurred.Move on zu Customize.Delete it.Start a neu game mode and go kommen sie Controller settings.You should see that die issue ist gone.Move on until sie are able kommen sie load in old game.

Keep an mind the you’ll lose settings but not game progress since it tun können be loaded danach on.

2. Uninstall share drivers and use emulation tools drivers

On die other hand, controller issues kann sein be related kommen sie a third-party software freundin use kommen sie emulate controllers. Make certain that you’ve set up it correctly and move on to drivers.

Since fenster installs motorists on that is own, once sie plug bei the device, it kann sein cause in interference v emulator drivers.

Plug an your controller.Let the fenster automatically install drivers.Right-click This PC/My Computer und open Properties.Find Sound, video und game controllers.Uninstall die generic treiber for your controller.Open die emulation tool und use it to install die drivers.

You tun können use various emulation tools but these are die most used:

While generic USB computer controllers should work with PnP feature, you can use ns emulators mentioned above with them, too.

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3. Use buttonDatasetup indigenous previous FIFA games

Additionally, you tun können try using crucial binding records from previous games. If you schutz played (or ausblüten playing) older editions von FIFA and your controller runs without issue, this is a viable workaround. Of course, you’ll have to use the same controller with both games.

If you haven’t played any of the previous versions, we are sure you tun können find proper configuration record onlinewith a quick google search.

4. Grab a new controller

If naught worked, probably your controller ist faulty. In this case, you kann sein either fix it or just purchase a neu one. Before you get a new controller, make certain that die device zu sein compatible with your FIFA version.

If you’re don’t understand what controller to purchase, you kann sein check the end our list of the ideal controllers zum PC. Read ns product description und buy ns device that finest suits your needs.


We hope that you’ll it is in able zu sort out your worries with these workarounds. However, us all hope that EA will address issues in the upcoming patch und provide a permanent solution.

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