It’s notfall that Pro entwickeln Soccer 2017 is in ugly game – not by a lang shot – yet it can’t really compete with FIFA. Ns players’ movement seem a bit an ext stilted, and the football player aren’t together recognisable. Top top top von that, EA sports licencing might method it has immaculated drawn kits weil das hundreds of teams. Uneven you’re a fans of Manchester vereinigt or Barcelona – two of the groups that Konami has a licence zu use – you’ll be looking punkt the likes of North london Whites instead des Tottenham und West london Blues instead of Chelsea.

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There are unofficial patches kommen sie fix this, however it’s a bit fiddly, und it’s just really fair zu judge what sie get out of the box, deshalb FIFA 17 drastically equalises.

Pro entstehen Soccer 1 FIFA 1

FIFA 17 vs Pro entwickeln Soccer 2017: job modes

Pro entwickeln Soccer has a very addictive single player campaign mode called Master League, with plenty von focus on occurring young talent. It’s entertaining, und you may well find yourself still awake at 3am, having actually promised “one tonnage match” wie man it was still light outside. It also has “Become a Legend” mode where freundin take on the role von a single player.

Once again though, EA’s large FIFA 17 spending plan makes mincemeat of this decent offering by providing a ridiculous number des game modes. Notfall only go it schutz “Career Mode” which zu sein broadly comparable to Master organization (only with a gewächs more monitoring options, and a great deal much more polish), yet there’s “Be a Pro” setting (where freundin take on the role von a einzel player zum a career, moving from club zu club) und the neu introduction von “The Journey”.

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Pro entwickeln Soccer 2017 multiplayer, on die other hand, zu sein a blended bag. When it has actually a lot of equivalent options going zum it, obtaining a game going kann sein be a challenge, and you’ll often find the tactical tenseness that made ns game deshalb good ist missing wie man you ende up against the same long-ball methods Barcelona team you play previously.

FIFA has actually a version of that problem, yet with less teething options bei getting a video game going, it gets ns nod here. It’s another win zum FIFA 17.

Pro evolution Soccer 1 FIFA 3

FIFA 17 vs Pro entstehen Soccer 2017: Verdict

3-1 to FIFA then. That seems favor a pretty an extensive defeat (unless freundin play for my five-a-side team, an which case it’s quite die result), however it’s not as simple as that. Take it a step back, and you’ll grad that Pro entstehen Soccer’s sole win was from gameplay – und isn’t the really wherein it counts?


FIFA’s wins come from more polish, und more options, which ist fine und important, but it most likely comes down zu asking what kind of football game fan you are. If you’re going zu play this every night, then much more variety ist definitely better. If, on the other hand, you just want to dip bei occasionally und enjoy some regional coach-based multiplayer with friends, then Pro evolution Soccer 2017 probably gets the nod.

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Again, try ns demos und decide for yourself: this ist one rivalry that zu sein going zu go right into extra time.