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After enduring FUT 15, us tried zu answer the most asked FUT 15 questions from die community. We möchte be update this FAQ seite once us get an ext FUT 15 Q&As. Meanwhile, you tun können comment with your questions or also your answers if you so had a chance to suffer FUT 15.

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Can I lieferung FIFA Points from Xbox 360 zu PlayStation 4 or indigenous PlayStation 3 kommen sie Xbox One?Will my FUT fünfzehn players on my PS3 be easily accessible on the PS4 if i own FUT fünfzehn on ns PS4? How about other jene like mine roster, trophies, in-game items, FIFA Points and FIFA Coins?I schutz FIFA 14 clues unspent. What will happen to them when i get FIFA 15 und play FUT?

Is it feasible to auslieferung FUT 14 coins, squads and items zu FUT 15?

No. FUT coins, players, consumables, items or squads cannot be transferred between FIFA 14 und FIFA 15. Ns only jene you room able to transfer between FUT 15 and FUT 14 space stuffs that are verbunden directly through your EA account such together your FIFA Points, XP und FCCs. Read this post weil das further information: FUT fünfzehn Carryover.

Will FIFA fünfzehn points be weil das sale during early accessibility periods EA Access weil das Xbox One?

Only players who have EA Access for Xbox One will be able kommen sie purchase FIFA fünfzehn Points during ns early accessibility trial.

Will FIFA fünfzehn points be for sale throughout early accessibility periods EA Season Ticket zum Xbox 360/PS3?

No, football player will notfall be able zu purchase FIFA fünfzehn Points during die EA Season Ticket early accessibility period.

Can I auslieferung FIFA Points native Xbox 360 zu PlayStation 4 or native PlayStation 3 zu Xbox One?

No, FIFA Points can not be transferred bolzen different console manufacturers. This kann sein only happen bolzen Xbox 360 and Xbox One, and between game stations 3 and PlayStation 4

Will my FUT fünfzehn players on my PS3 be available on ns PS4 if ich own FUT fünfzehn on ns PS4? How about other dinge like mine roster, trophies, in-game items, FIFA Points und FIFA Coins?

Yes, her FUT inhalt is accessible on both consoles and you möchte be able kommen sie access your FIFA 15 Ultimate mannschaft full roster, tournament trophies, in-game items, FIFA Points, and in-game currency (coins) from either console: between Xbox 360 und Xbox One, und between playstations 3 and PlayStation 4.

I have FIFA 14 clues unspent. What wollen happen kommen sie them when ich get FIFA 15 und play FUT?

When you erste log into FUT 15, you will be asked if sie want to auslieferung your FIFA 14 Points to FIFA 15 Points. You kann sein ignore ns message and choose notfall to transfer, be asked around it later, or select to lieferung your FIFA Points.

Do I oase to develop a neu account an order zu play FIFA fünfzehn Ultimate Team?

Only if freundin don’t already have one. Otherwise, you kann login und continue playing FUT 15 with ns same account as freundin are using weil das FIFA 14 or earlier versions.

Will FUT 15 have various player rangfolge than FUT 14?

Yes, the does have. Right here are die ratings for FIFA 15 Top 50 Players.

Does FUT fünfzehn have all the functionalities und features used kommen sie be an FUT 14?

FIFA 15 Ultimate team has all features and functionalities that oase been available in FUT 14, plus some more neu features.

Can ich buy or sell FUT 15 coins?

Buying/selling FUT coins ist against EA Terms of Services und it ist considered together cheating. Hence, it ist illegal. Trading FUT coins möchte put your account weist risk. Ns only legal way to generate FUT coins ist to pat FIFA can be fried Team. Read this article for further information: Showing check out card kommen sie FIFA fünfzehn cheaters.

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How can I schutz FUT fünfzehn Legends top top PC, PS3, PS4 or any kind of other platform than Xbox?

FUT 15 Legends are just available zum Xbox 360 und Xbox One. As an exclusive content for Xbox, it is impossible to oase them on die other platforms than Xbox.

Is that possible kommen sie trade FUT cards between different platforms?

No, you tun können only trade cards und items v users who room on die same platform as sie are.

Can ich continue play FUT 14 after ~ FUT 15 release?

Yes. You tun können continue play FUT 14 as lang as EA servers weil das FIFA 14 Ultimate team are available.

What zu sein Loan Duration in FUT 15?

Load Duration zu sein the number des matches that a loan player kann sein play in your squad.

Will Turkish organization clubs and players be available bei FUT 15?

Yes, von course. You will be able zu trade players und items native Turkish League bei FIFA 15 Ultimate Team.

Will i be able to play can be fried Team bei FIFA fünfzehn demo?

Yes, a brief version des FUT fünfzehn is playable in FIFA 15 Demo.

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Will FUT fünfzehn packs cost same together FUT 14’s?

Not shown yet.

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