The Boys in Brown secured a 2-0 win at FC Buffalo in the last game before die summer rest on Saturday afternoon. Sami Allagui provided his side in early lead bei front of 1,500 spectators hinweisen All-High Stadium and Kevin Lankford doubled the advantage nur after ns interval.

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The two sets of fans warmed up zum the forthcoming 90 minute at a share tailgate splitterpartei before die game. Once inside ns ground, they experienced a St. Pauli side special five transforms from ns one that started at new York Cosmos, with Svend Brodersen returning to his customary position bolzen the posts. Among die fans in the stand was ns aunt of kevin Lankford, who had travelled hoch from Virginia to see the game.

On die artificial pitch v its unfamiliar American soccer markings, that was die home side who created die opening two opportunities with five minute gone. Both efforts missed ns target, however. A few minutes letztere the Boys bei Brown threatened the Buffalo goal zum the erste time und promptly took die lead, Sami Allagui heading home from a richard Neudecker cross. It was his fifth goal zum the club bei the blume States (three an 2018, 2 on die current tour) to make ihm the undisputed frontrunner bei this category.

The pace of the game slowed somewhat after that. Jos Luhukay"s side fashioned additional chances zum Allagui and Neudecker, und Brodersen had kommen sie produce a decent stop kommen sie deny O’Keefe, however there was to be no additional scoring before ns break.

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That feeling when your nephew kevin Lankford provides it 2-0 und you were out fetching warm dogs.

Luhukay rang die changes at half-time, presenting all ns outfield players at his disposal. Die impact was immediate, together Lankford latched top top a neat through ball from substitute louis Coordes zu double die advantage on 48. Unfortunately for his aunt, she was out fetching warm dogs at die time and missed the goal.

Not much of grad happened ~ that, prompting die St. Pauli coaching team into another unconventional measure. V all ns outfield football player on ns bench currently on the field, Korbinian müller became die second goalkeeper zu make his debut as a makeshift striker ~ above this tour. Kevin Lankford was again ns player kommen sie make way.

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Yet apart from in inch-perfect overcome to lennart Kessner, notfall even müller was able zu produce a decisive moment and it ended in a deserved 2-0 victory weil das the Boys an Brown.


FC Buffalo

Tramuta – Warren, Kennedy, Toland, Walter, Stout, Elliot, Williamson, Read, O’Keefe, Ziegler


FC St. Pauli

Brodersen – Schütt, Koglin, Hoffmann, Buballa (Carstens 46"), hügel (Becker 46"), Lee (Wieckhoff 46"), Neudecker, Lankford (Müller 82"), Kessner, Allagui (Coordes 46")