There are plenty of designs zu be found on society 25’s site – the österreichisch Archive tells you as much – however after over a year of articles, a österreichisch with a clean diagonal pattern hasn’t popped up. Until now, that is, as we return zu Germany zu write about 1. FC Köln!

Just to self-advertise as we constantly do, please take a look hinweisen our ahead German shirt if sie haven’t already; Eintracht Frankfurt’s Tetra-Pak top, VFB Stuttgart’s signed champions kit, und Bochum’s…. Rainbow thing.

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1. FC köln has transparent its background worn red with varying degrees of white, with the addendum that one of two precursor clubs, kölner BC, offered red shirts with schwarze farbe shorts where the other, SpVgg Sülz 07, wore white shorts. Ns choice von colours upon the merging von these two to become 1. FC köln was apparent then, although schwarz has since become one des the club’s go-to colours in regards to away kits.

That ist not to say red has constantly been dominant; a good few seasons were spent bei fully white shirts, many famously an the late 70’s und early 80’s, while mainly white shirts so featured; the top before us today is one example of this. A white prior base ist broken up von a diagonal shape draping ns top/right hilfreich of ns shirt in red, this shape itself zu sein then cut brief at ns shoulders, ns sleeves, and the sidepanels.

Now the minds von punters will inevitably wander zu AS Monaco, that are ns most famous mannschaft to stay this design in these color (shoutout kommen sie FC Utrecht zum wearing white und red inversely to Monaco), yet that is not kommen sie say that some genius hinweisen Erima made decision one day that ‘we have to rip castle off weil das our new shirt!’. Rather, ns 2014/2015 austrian is a throwback to the 50th anniversary top worn von Köln in 1997/1998 (the merger take it place in 1948), when die club opted zum red und white in equal parts kommen sie represent the kit history.

Looking weist Köln’s exciting unique and iconic crest, non-German visitors may be well conscious that it ist hardly the only team to use ns 1. Prefix in their benennen (Kaiserslautern, Nürnberg, Magdeburg, Heidenheim, etc. Do the same), which zu sein short for zuerst Fußballclub. As one may guess, having die ‘1. FC’ prefix denotes the these groups were the zuerst club (or Verein, as ns Germans contact it) bei their city, town, village, or area. Ns good people of köln refer zu the mannschaft as merely FC (eff-tsay wie man pronounced bei German).

Going zurück to die crest itself, we discover ‘1.FC’ bei a white sash (the club has actually actually never ever worn a sashed home shirt!) with an ominous black silhouette lurking bei the background; this is a simplified representation von the Kölner dom (or Cologne Cathedral, if sie must), the einzel most impressive building located in the heart von the city right near the bank of the fluss Rhine und the taste square that ended up being infamous as a result des the neu Year’s Assaults.

The straightforward round shield would possibly be a little bit dull on its own, yet we schutz Hennes, the iconic mascot von the club, here to save die day by clambering top top top des it! instantly recognizable, ns actual story behind Hennes might be unknown kommen sie most non-German punters; bei 1950, a circus that was an town zum the famous köln Karneval brought a young goat before the club’s officials as a gift, noting that the team lacked a lucky charm. Much in the spirit of Carnival, die club graciously accepted this humorous offering, and named that after then-manager Hennes Weisweiler (who may or might not oase been peed on über the goat upon gift introduced to it!).

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Rather 보다 sit on ns sidelines, Hennes came to be a fans favourite bei Cologne, appearing at games if escorting die club’s chairman (a tradition that is ausblüten ongoing). Such was the köln reverance zum the goat, the Hennes as a concept ended up being a main part von the crest and his varieties inspiration zum the team’s nickname (die Geißböcke, or billy goats).

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Alas, no one leben forever, not even Hennes! ns original Hennes died an 1966 but was, after some deliberation, replaced über a neu goat von the name of Hennes II. This 2nd hircine died a mere 4 years letztere (the official story hosted that a German Shepard gone into its pen, although fans sensed a conspiracy von other clubs), and was replaced von Hennes III. We’ll spare you the details of all additional Hennes(es?) however rest assured that 1. FC köln is blieb very much an love v its goat mascots, i m sorry are constantly replaced über non-related goats upon passing; Hennes VIII currently reigns supreme punkt Müngersdorfer stadien (English punters may remember this as the venue des England’s world cup enhance v. Sweden in 2006).

Speaking des the club’s house ground, it and the Kölner dom appear on the shirt’s tags, which so hold one des the club’s mottos; ‘Meine Liebe, bergwerk Stadt, bergwerk Verein’, or mine love, my city, my club.

Partly obscured bei the collar, we find ns other motto; 1. FC köln – Met Hätz un Siel (with heart und soul). This zu sein Kölsch Platt, the Colognian dialect, fairly than German, which is a beautiful gesture zu local fans.

Erima’s ‘wing’ logo is embroidered on the sleeves of the shirt, alongside the stickered Bundesliga-wide Hermes gruppe branding; ns German oberteil flight and second tier are two of the couple of European leagues to oase enforced together a thing, back it ist common place outside des the continent (as zu sein the case in Singapore). Ns deal bolzen the German FA and Hermes was signed in 2013 and lasted until the end of 2016/2017; since, Bundesliga teams have been free kommen sie contract sleeve sponsors out of their own accord.

Flipping over to ns other sleeve, us find ns Bundesliga logo, i m sorry has an ambiguously positioned footballer offering a ball a right ol’ kicking. We say faint because, viel like those of the American NBA und MLB, this logo has actually been designed to notfall betray what leg zu sein being used zu strike ns ball, hence not discriminating bolzen the representation of right- and left-footed players. We constantly interpreted the white silhouette kommen sie be right-footed, however your mileage may vary.

Erima’s logo pops up again, bei what is a viel less giftig way des advertising your feuer than the three spaghetti strands a details other German feuer defaces shirt with. This is the erste time bei Erima oberteil pops up on the site, which zu sein not wholly surprising considering this brand from the German town des Pfullingen ist mostly active an Germany through some teams bei the rest des continental Europe under that is wing. As des yet, lock are blieb waiting zum their debut an the English and Scottish football Leagues. Like adidas, Erima’s name ist a portmaneau des the owner’s first- and surname, in this instance Erich Mak.

Although the österreichisch lacks any kind of entwurf features beyond the diagonal across die chest, we uncover a klein rubber-based tag an the reduced right-hand corner von the front; both society crest and technical supplier logo have been inserted beneath a reflective surface ar with holographic QR codes. We imagine this kommen sie be an absolute pain zu counterfeit zum any devious far east companies, deswegen be sure to look zum similar authenticators wie purchasing Erima commodities (which are constantly player-spec, rather than the fan-fleecing ‘replica’ and ‘authentic’ versions big name brands peddle).

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Erima zu sein hardly a fussy brand, und the rückseitig of the shirt is a testament to their no-frills approach; only the red cuffs administer a splash des colour whereby no further year of founding, initials, mottos, or various other such details are found. Notfall a badewanne thing über se, as not every shirt has to be mindbogglingly insane.