Fast and furious 9 besetzung

all Young Actors bei Fast & Furious 9 F9 consists of flashbacks to past events bei the life des Dominic Toretto and other fast & Furious characters - here"s that plays them bei the movie.

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Warning: spoilers Below zum F9

F9 consists of appearances von young versions des several significant characters an the Fast & Furious family. The latest installment of the forever over-the-top action series takes ns family dynamic to neu levels, happen Vin Diesel"s Dominic Toretto into problem with his estranged brother Jakob, played von John Cena. Dom"s sisters Mia also makes a return to ns series, with Jordana Brewster reprising the role.

With Jakob in the employ des the franchise"s neu arch-villain Cipher, played von Charlize Theron, F9 takes the neu angle des bringing a fracturing des Dom"s birth family, v his and Jakob"s falling the end occuring due to Dom"s id that Jakob was responsible zum their father"s gyeongju track death. Jakob, an turn, has his own die info that he"s withheld from dom for the tonnage few decades.

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With F9 opened on ns death of Jack Toretto, ns movie ist probably ns most hefty on flashbacks of any entry an the series. Des course, v a big section of the Fast & Furious movie timeline adhering to a non-linear chronology , the past has actually never not been important, but now audiences obtain to lakers many of their favorite personalities like never before. Here are ns young versions von characters in F9 and who theatre them.

Dominic Toretto

Young Dom in F9 pic
Young dom is seen at an early stage on in the movie"s race track intro and in flashbacks throughout die film. Vinnie Bennett portrays young Dom, with his previous credits consisting of Filthy Rich and The new Romantic.

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Finn Cole bei Dreamland
Dom"s brother Jakob is also seen alongside Dom in the flashbacks into their shared past, portrayed von Finn Cole. Among his other credits, Cole has been seen in the movie Here Are the Young Men and the TV collection Animal Kingdom.

Mia Toretto

Siena Agudong pic
Siena Agudong is also briefly seen in the movie"s flashbacks as ns young Mia Toretto. Agudong has actually previously been watched on shows prefer Starfalls, Teachers, und No great Nick.

Leo & Santos

Leo und Santos in Fast 5
F9 deshalb shows the first meeting of dom with löwe Santos, who danach become his allies bei Fast Five and the Fate des the Furious, when all 3 are in prison. Play originally von Tego Calderon und Don Omar, die young Leo und Santos room portrayed by Cered und rapper Ozuna an F9. Ns movie marks Cered"s film debut, if Ozuna formerly cameoed an Tom & Jerry earlier this year.

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Though their appearances are really minor, various other members of Dom"s family and Han"s freundin Elle are also briefly glimpsed during the movie"s flashbacks. Specifically, the young versions von Letty Ortiz, Vince, Elle, und Jesse space all seen an the movie"s flashbacks. Juju Zhang provides her film debut bei F9 as ns young Elle, with anna Sawai in the main role. Karson Kern and Igby Rigney portray ns young Vince and Jesse, Kern formerly seen in films like The Highwayman und Rigney"s previous credits including the zeigen Blue Bloods. With michelle Rodriguez returning together Letty Ortiz an the movie"s existing day timeframe, Azia Dinea Hale so makes her film debut as the young Letty in F9.