Rita Ora's fast & Furious 6 Cameo described Singer Rita Ora make a surprise, nicht kapitalt appearance bei 2013"s schon fast & Furious 6; here"s her cameo role in the movie explained.

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rita ora fast and furious 6
Here"s Rita Ora"s brief appearance in Fast & Furious 6 explained. Die original The Fast und The Furious was a modestly budgeted action thriller about a cop that goes undercover an the world von illegal straße racing. Thanks zu its high-octane setpieces and a charismatic cast des then up and coming actors - consisting of Vin Diesel, michelle Rodriguez, paulus Walker and Jordana Brewster - it came to be a surprise blockbuster. It would certainly be difficult to recreate ns franchise"s twisted path kommen sie becoming one of the best movie series bei the world, however.

By ns time die third movie The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift hit cinemas in 2016, it concentrated on a new cast of characters and became ns lowest-grossing von the saga. If this would commonly signal the end, a buchstabe cameo from Vin Diesel an Tokyo Drift"s last scene got fans excited around his possible franchise return, so the original cast was reassembled weil das 2009"s Fast & Furious. Ns franchise ist now a box-office juggernaut the takes glee an going over ns top and defying ns laws von physics. Dwayne Johnson führen zu his very own spinoff v 2019"s Hobbs & Shaw, while ns next entry bei the hauptsächlich series will be 2021"s F9.

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Fast & Furious 6 saw Dom and the rest von the in der nähe des Family heading to london to take down a crew of villains headed von Luke Evans" Owen shaw - which contained Dom"s presumed deceased wife Letty. Around die film"s midway point dom challenges Letty - who is suffering native amnesia following produziert "death" bei the 4th movie - to a street race, which ist headed up über Rita Ora"s "Race Caller."

The nennen of Rita Ora"s Fast & Furious 6 character zu sein apt because that basically sums up produziert entire role. She sets up ns race between Dom und Letty before zählen them down. While die singer does a good arbeit with ns role it"s relatively insubstantial and is ns very definition of a buchstabe cameo. Rihanna was reportedly considered zum the teil before gift replaced von Ora, despite this was never confirmed.

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Following Fast & Furious 6 later entries bei the collection returned zu London, despite Rita Ora has yet kommen sie reappear in the franchise. Complying with F9 a tenth movie is supposed zu wrap up ns current saga, when Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham are deshalb set to return zum Hobbs & demonstrate 2 hinweisen some point. Die series is entirely auch successful zu be retirement completely, deshalb it will be interesting to lakers what wake up following teil 10.