Far Cry New Dawn Pc

Survive ns Post-apocalyptic frontier

Face off against ns Highwaymen und their leaders, ns Twins as sie fight kommen sie survive in a post-apocalyptic frontier. Form unexpected alliances, build a deadly arsenal des makeshift weapons using ns remnants of the alt world.

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A reinvented WORLD

Seventeen years after a nuclear doomsday, hope County, Montana, has changed in unexpected ways. Nuclear winter has offered way kommen sie a "superbloom," producing a lush, colourful landscape that survivors oase begun to re-populate with makeshift buildings. It's a lawless frontier where people are struggling kommen sie get von - and you'll be able kommen sie experience it all through a friend bei co-op, or ~ above your own as a lone gunslinger.



After living through ns apocalypse, ns survivors in Hope county now challenge a neu threat: ns nihilistic Highwaymen, vicious scavengers intent on bleeding the county dry. When the survivors put out a call for help to combat this fatal threat, you are conveniently thrust into ns middle of a new battle weil das the future von Hope County.

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Since die nuclear apocalypse, survivors schutz been piecing their shelter, tools, und weapons with each other from die broken remnants des the alt world. Ns results might look ramshackle, but they'll keep sie alive an a fight. Her Homebase möchte let freundin construct powerful weapons und vehicles, giving you more options than ever weil das explosive, over-the-top action.


When anything and everything can happen, it is never too viel to oase someone watching her back. Whether it's Hurk, a boar, or whoever sie want, you tun können recruit in eclectic cast von Guns und Fangs weil das Hire kommen sie fight von your side. You kann even play v a friend in co-op.

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At the centre des Far Cry new Dawn zu sein your Homebase. Upgrade it to get more powerful weapons and gear kommen sie help sie survive out an the open world. Hope bezirk isn't die only place that's to be ravaged by the nuclear apocalypse, and you'll be able to range far outside its borders on Expeditions zu visit new territories including swampland, a desert canyon, and the coast.

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Far Cry neu Dawn

Chaos. Pain. Mayhem. Are you ready kommen sie fight for survival an this post apocalyptic frontier?