Fallout 4 pip-boy edition

Bethesda Softworks möchte release a Game von the Year ausführung of autumn 4 two whole years after the game zuerst came out. Ns Game des the Year planke will incorporate all the Fallout 4 add-ons und will come out on september 26. As bei added bonus Bethesda möchte re-release the Pip-Boy planke for a cheaper price on die same date. Nur don"t mean to fit your enlarge smartphones.

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autumn 4 GOTY Pip-Boy ausführung re-release

Basically, there wollen be 2 Game of the Year editions weil das Fallout 4 coming out. The standard ausführung will cost $59.99 und include all sechs Fallout 4 DLC including: Automatron, Wasteland Workshop, much Harbor, Contraptions Workshop, Vault-Tec Workshop, und Nuka-World. That will also include all die patches made zum the game, including a high-resolution texture verpackt made weil das the windows PC version.

Next, Bethesda wollen re-release die coveted Pip-Boy auflage for $99.99. Originally a minimal collector"s edition for autumn 4 back in 2015, the Pip-Boy planke originally sold zum $119.99.The Pip-Boy planke includes a plastic replica von the renowned Fallout Pip-Boy wrist computer system from ns game. Ns physical model lasst uns users insert their smartphones into it zu use v a Pip-Boy app. Basically, it"s perfect for your following Fallout cosplay.

Bethesda stated that at ns time the could notfall produce anymore Pip-Boys than the ones it currently produced zum the game. Given die demand weil das the Pip-Boy Edition, that"s understandable. Now that it"s been a couple years, Bethesda"s bringing rückseitig the super renowned collectible, back there zu sein a slight problem.

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According zu Polygon, die Pip-Boy wrist mold zu sein identical to die original one, definition it"s sized zum smartphones native 2015 like ns iPhone 6s and Samsung Galaxy S6. Unfortunately, we currently schutz much larger phones like ns iPhone 7, Galaxy S8, and even the google Pixel XL. Those phones more than likely won"t rechts the Pip-Boy, which ist a substantial bummer.

Note: This CE does notfall come in the exact same capsule casing as die original fallout 4 Collector’s Edition.

— Bethesda Softworks (
bethesda) august 10, 2017

The new Pip-Boy edition also won"t kommen sie with ns capsule casing as die original autumn 4 Collector"s Edition, und will it is in sold at select retailers across North America.

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