The Falken Eurowinter HS01 is a Premium Touring winter tire designed zu be fitted zu Passenger Cars.

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Tire review säule from 18 tire reviews averaging 87% over 71,170 mile driven.

The Eurowinter HS01 is ranked 13th von 45 winter Premium Touring tires.

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Given 98%
when driving a Fiat Stilo (195/65 R15 T) top top a combination des roads zum 1,000 average miles
Was going kommen sie buy HS449 yet they to be out of stock, seller nur me this Falken HS01, die tire look great similar kommen sie my larger Alpine 4, ich put castle on auto on merganser day ns are greaton wet excelent on dry road, can wait kommen sie try castle on snow, so far good tire zum excelentprice
Given 83%
when driving a Mazda 3 series (205/55 R16) on a combination of roads zum 3,500 easy going miles
- Very good tires zum the price- wonderful performance top top wet, snow, ice and mug- Very an excellent breaking ~ above wet/snow- mean breaking on dried surfaces- lull tires, yet if inflated much more then 2.2 they end up being noisy punkt high speed- Made in Turkey zum Europe market- No far-reaching wear weil das 5000 km on town und motorway roads
Given 89%
while driving a Renault Megane 2 sedan (205/55 R16) ~ above a combination von roads weil das 10,000 spirited miles
I"ve purchase this tires tonnage season ~ above my tire supplier recommendation. He claimed its supposed to be a "budget Conti", und it certain is! the wet grip ist amazing, dry as well. Notfall to loud kommen sie drive, i do 40/60 motorway/town, und I"m not bei easy driver, and the tires carry out good. Snow grip is deshalb very good!

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Given 94% if driving a Citroën 1.0 petrol (155/60 R14) ~ above a combination of roads weil das 25,500 average miles
Had these euro winter tires 3 year now, an extremely good an the wet and the dry, no problem an the snow, also kept them on through die summers blieb good fixed on wet und dry also hot weather, extended 25500 miles and now buying very same tires zum the front, die rear are ausblüten good hardly any wear at all
Given 77% while driving a Ford focus MK1 (205/50 R16 H) on mostly nation roads for 1,000 average miles
After 15 inch tires (Goodyear UG9 und Dunlop SPT Blueresponse), i"ve decided zu switch top top 16 inch. Zuerst option was Hankook icept RS2, yet they were out des stock an selected tire dimension, and i bought this Falken. After ~ 1000km, i can say that these tires are below UG9 in roling resistance, handling und wet braking.Eurowinter HS01 zu sein good an wet und dry braking, an extremely good an comfort and road noise, specifically on rough road surfaces. Really good at cornering und they look nice.My greatest complain goes zu handling. I dont recognize how zu explain, yet my focus mk1 on higher speeds (100,110km/h) feels like not been fastenzeit to the road. Weird emotion sometimes, but ofcourse naught dramatic. That never happend kommen sie UG9.Overall score 8. Recommended.