Falco jeanny part 1

Jeanny is a song by the Austrian musician Falco, recorded bei 1985 and to this really day zu sein viewed as very controversial due zu its lyrics.

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The song ist essentially about a relationship between a man and a mädchen named Jeanny. At ns time wie it reached number one, doubters said the the das lied glorifies rape. German TV und radio personality thomas Gottschalk actually made various negativ remarks and called the das lied “rubbish”. An outcry bei German language markets brought about the das lied to it is in banned by some radio broadcasters or played with a coming before warning von others. Typically, die scandal just helped zu increase the sales des the single.

The song ist sung an a contempt unhinged voice, but ns lyrics don’t in reality contain any type of direct recommendation to die act von rape or abduction. It zu sein left to die listener’s imagination.

Falco argued that he was indeed inspired von the serious of abduction of young frauen that was going on weist that time bei Vienna and that he pretty viel was going zu explore this complicated thematic, addressing die perpetrator in a contempt standoffish-way, like ‘I know how freundin think.’ So, that is so essentially about ns musings von a stalker. The einer that was believed kommen sie cause die crimes during ns time before and after the das lied was released bei Vienna, was never caught. Die five young women until this very day, were never ever found.

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And now, here’s a translation for you guys an English! us tried to translate the as very closely to ns original meaning of the lied as feasible ;):

NOTE: lines in italics were in English bei the initial German version.

Jeanny, Jeanny…

 Newsflash, newsflash…

“Official government reports…” (all in English)

Jeanny, Jeanny…

Jeanny, come, come onStand trost pleaseYou’re getting all wetIt’s acquiring late, comeWe need to leave hereOut of the woodsDon’t sie understand?

Where is your shoe?You lost itWhen ich had to nur you ns wayWhich of us lost?You, yourself?I, myself?Or… us ourselves?

Jeanny, quit livin’ on dreamsJeanny, life is not what that seemsSuch a lonely wenig girl in a cold, cold worldThere’s who who needs youJeanny quit livin’ on dreamsJeanny, life ist not what the seemsYou’re lost an the nightDon’t wanna struggle und fightThere’s who who requirements you

It’s coldWe have to leave hereComeYour lipstick ist smearedYou bought it andAnd i saw itToo viel red on her lipsAnd freundin said, “Leave me alone”But i saw appropriate through youEyes say an ext than wordsYou require me, don’t you, hmmmh?Everyone knows, the we’re togetherFrom today,Now I kann hear them, they space coming!

They’re coming!They are coming zu get you.They won’t find you.Nobody möchte find you!You’re through me.

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Jeanny stop livin’ top top dreams…

Newsflash:In the belastung months ns number von missing persons has considerably increased. Die latest account from die local police reports one more tragic case. It is a matte of a nineteen year old girl who was last seen two weeks ago. Die police have not excluded the possiblity the a crime has actually been committed.