A situation that zu sein currently resulting in problems! What if because of corona no Change date zum the tires ist possible. ~ all, at the moment it zu sein a reality that even ns simple replacement des a prüfen sticker on the license plate in appointment booking and in associated wait time des over 2 weeks brings v it. We skilled it ourselves! und a tires change ist certainly viel more in demand, particularly now. But winter tires are deshalb allowed use an summer? ns rule states that winter tires from October zu Easter (O zu O) kann be supplied should. This way that summer tires room usually offered from Easter kommen sie October should. Due zu the corona crisis, however, it is sometimes very difficult to book a tire readjust appointment. Plenty of appointments are because of this postponed or civilization simply continue to drive with winter tires. But is it a belästigt if ns winter tires are ausblüten installed and are therefore deshalb used in summer? Or is the use des summer tires mandatory?

Is over there a tire requirement?

So much there is still no summer tires mandatory. Over there is still the same means no duty, on cold job winter tires to use. It was no collection a specific period von time the prescribes a particular type des tire. The road website traffic regulations only zustand that winter tires need to be supplied if the weather dafür requires, for example in snow, icy frost, schwarze farbe ice or slush.

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Violations of this requirement lug a penalty von a point bei Flensburg and a fine of 60 Euros result. In combination with an accident it will of kurse get worse. For the use von winter tires bei the summer time, however, such penalties have deshalb far to be applied notfall provided. However, it is important to know the a vehicle zu sein always suitable zum the given weather problems adequately managed need to become.

Winter tires during the summer time

Winter tires become bei essential part of you softer material produced. Thus, they clearly adhere kommen sie cold roads besser. Due to its one-of-a-kind rubber compound, however, it can be used hinweisen higher temperatures none adequate braking force tun können betransfer . This ist the braking street much longer and also the Driving stability is reduced.


Various tires manufacturers refer to tests in which ns use von winter tires indigenous a temperature of 20 ° C a several meters longer braking distance together a result compared kommen sie summer tires. If freundin drive faster, freundin should appropriately careful be. And this is not about a fine, yet about the Insurance. You could schutz one in in accident complicity und they may become part of the insurance advantage shortened.

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Change car insurance or summer tires

This belästigt should be counteracted and a car insurance conclude when responding to die objection des one gross negligence ist waived. Nevertheless, it kann be high-quality if winter tires are deshalb used an summer. Because des the heat, die rubber ist used nach oben much faster. This causes die tires to wear out faster. Und due to ns increased abrasion, there is also pollutes the environment. Another point is that the fuel consumption zu sein much higherif winter tires are so used bei summer. Anyone who usually does notfall want zu change a wheel double a year need to be in alternative every season tires use. They space well suitable if sie don"t drive a lot in the eye or constantly drive long und fast on the motorway.


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