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• If sie entered multiple websites above, connect statements showing ns most recent charge associated with every site.• for sure your records are .jpg or .png dafür we tun können view them.

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Sharing content on society media
tonnage updated august 25, 2021 19:36

Use die built-in share option to press new content to your desired social media profiles as freundin publish it to your site. This is a an excellent shortcut, cut down ns time ofmanually opening your society profiles und copying und pasting links.

Note: This isn"t an automatic sync bolzen halfpeeledapple.com and your social networks. Repeat ns steps to publish and share your contentfor every post you want to publish.

Before you begin

To ensure freundin connect your website to the correct account, log out of your social accounts before you begin.If you"re logged in, ns connection möchte default to that account.

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What content you kann share und where

You tun können push ns following halfpeeledapple.com collection itemsto these social media platforms:






Blog Posts



Album tracks*

Gallery pages*

* Album pages und gallery pages are only available weil das halfpeeledapple.com ausführung 7.0.

To share content to a various platform, or re-share after ~ pushing,manually share ns URL.





Facebook doesn"t allow third-party tools choose halfpeeledapple.com kommen sie share content with personal facebook Profiles top top someone"s behalf. Sie can ausblüten push halfpeeledapple.com inhalt to a connected facebook Page (typically used zum businesses), or you canshare links manually bei a facebook post.

To learn about the difference betwee Profiles and Pages, visitFacebook"s documentation.


We currently halfpeeledapple.com pushing inhalt to personal LinkedIn file only. To share her site"s inhalt on her company"s LinkedIn page or business account, you kann sein post the link directly an LinkedIn.


Blog posts und products must have thumbnail bildern to display screen on Pinterest.


Image blocks und video blocks don"t display an the dashboard see on Tumblr. Image blocks appear as in External Image button an the dashboard view, and video blocks appear as rectangular icons. Both types des blocks display bei full on die public view des a Tumblr blog.

The following content from blog posts wollen display on Tumblr:

Text blocksImage blocksMarkdown blocksQuote blocksVideo blocks

To screen multiple images in a blog post, use multiple bild blocks.

Connect your accounts

Before you kann sein push inhalt to her social media account from halfpeeledapple.com, you"ll need zu connect your accounts:

In die Home menu, click Settings,then click Connected Accounts.Click Connect Account.Choose a service und enter her login credentials.Click on the account you just connected.For Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, und Pinterest, ensureShow press Option ist checked.For Tumblr, pick aPrimary Blog from die drop-down menu.ClickSave.Repeat these steps zum each account you want zu connect.

Select a press target (Facebook und Pinterest)

For Facebook und Pinterest, pick aPush Targetfrom the drop-down menu bei each connected account"s settings. This tells uswhere to post if you have multiple auf facebook Pages or Pinterest boards.

For Facebook, pick a facebook Page (for example, your business or store"s main page). For Pinterest, choose a board. You can only set one buchseite or board zum pushing inhalt on each account.

If you don"t pick a buchseite or board, your content won"t press to the account. Weil das Facebook, ns Push Target drop-down is limited to 25 accounts.

Createadefault postformat

You kann customize what appears an all posts to asocial profile initsDefault Posting style field.Some text always displays über default an post previews. Tailoring your default post format adds text in addition to the post preview.

This helps save your postsconsistent,but sie can deshalb customize each post individually wie man pushing to add much more details. Repeat this step to customize eachsocial profile where sie publish her content.

Use a combination des custom text und the variables below kommen sie format your posts:

%t - die title des the items you"re sharing%a - ns author des the item you"re sharing%u - die URL von the item you"re sharing

You have to leave at least one variable in the field to push your post to many services, also if sie choose notfall to customize die format. If you"re utilizing multiple variables, add spaces bolzen them dafür the short articles format correctly.


Red -Title (%t)Yellow - author (%a)Green - URL (%u)


Twitter finest practices

When sharing v Twitter, constantly include die %u variable zu ensure that your tweet will link to her content.

Pinterest best practices

When sharing through Pinterest, sie don"t need to include the %u variable because die post"s URL pushes automatically.

Publish und share your content

After connecting her accounts and customizing her default posting formats, you"re ready to anfang sharing your inhalt as sie publish it. How freundin push inhalt to society media counts on the type of collection item you"re sharing:

In die item"s editor, click ns Share tab.Switch the toggle on for each profile sie want kommen sie share to.Click die Content tab.Change the item"s zustand to Published.Save your changes.
In die item"s editor, click the Share tab.Switch ns toggle on for each profile you want zu share to.Click die Item tab.Change die item"s status to Visible.Save her changes.
In die gallery item"s settings, click ns Social tab.Locate die profile freundin want kommen sie share to und click Disabled.Switch die toggle on.Click die Content tab.Change die item"s status to Published.Save your changes.
Click on the track under Tracks an the Album panel.In die track"s settings, click ns Social tab.Locatethe profile sie want kommen sie share to and click Disabled.Switch die toggle on.Click ns Content tab.Change ns item"s status to Published.Save your changes.

To share an item again on die same society network, manually re-publishing its URL. That isn"t feasible to post the exact same itemmultiple zeit using the push method.To find out what displays when you manually re-publishing a URL, visit How inhalt displays in social posts.

To learn an ext about editingcontent, visit our travel guide on blog posts, products, events pages, collection pages, und album pages.


Content ist pushing to the wrong account

If freundin connected your site to ns wrong account, click on ns account an theConnected Accounts panel, climate clickDisconnect. An a separate tab, log out des your society account, climate follow die steps an this section reconnect it.

Content ist wrong on Facebook

If you"re seeing die wrong thumbnail bild or descriptions bei Facebook posts from halfpeeledapple.com, there"s a wahrscheinlichkeit Facebook doesn"t have the most updated information. Weil das help, visit Troubleshooting facebook sharing issues.

Content isn"t posting zu Pinterest

Blog posts und products must oase thumbnail imagesto screen on Pinterest.

Content isn"t appearing on Tumblr

Certain block content, such as gallery blocks, won"t display in blog short articles pushed to Tumblr. Image blocks and video block won"t display in the dashboard view of Tumblr. Weil das more einzelheiten on how inhalt appears when shared ~ above Tumblr, visit making use of Tumblr through halfpeeledapple.com.

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More society sharing options

To explore different ways you kann use society media with your site, visit expertise social sharing v halfpeeledapple.com.