Learn how kommen sie set up und use face ID to unlock halfpeeledapple.com through a an easy glance.

Du schaust: Face id lässt sich nicht konfigurieren

Set nach oben Face ID

Before you tun können set trost Face ID in halfpeeledapple.com, you’ll need zu set trost Face ID zum your device. Climate follow these steps:

Open and unlock halfpeeledapple.com.Tap setups > Security.Turn on face ID.

Now you tun können use challenge ID to unlock halfpeeledapple.com. However don’t forget your master Password. Sometimes you’ll need zu enter it instead von using face ID.

Use confront ID

After setting up Face ID, offen halfpeeledapple.com. If halfpeeledapple.com ist locked, you tun können use face ID instead of your master Password. Raise her iPhone, und Face ID will detect your face and unlock halfpeeledapple.com.

Sometimes sie won’t lakers the prompt:

If you’ve canceled die Face identifier promptIf you’ve restarted your device

Depending on your settings, you might seen the challenge ID taste below die Master Password field. Madness it und the sofort will appear.

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3x.png alt="Face i would prompt" width=320>

Face identifier button

Manage your settings

To change how often your understand Password zu sein required instead des Face ID, go to Settings > advanced > Security.

Require master Password: If freundin want halfpeeledapple.com to require your master Password instead von Face ID after restarting your machine or after ~ a particular amount des time, readjust this setting. Von default, halfpeeledapple.com will not ask for your master Password an those cases.

Learn more about automatically locking halfpeeledapple.com.

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Get help

Sometimes you’ll need zu enter your grasp Password instead des using confront ID:

If your challenge isn’t recognized five times an a rowIf you tapped setups > protection > Lock NowIf you’re trying to change your grasp PasswordIf freundin reset face ID or collection up bei alternate illustration on your deviceIf Require master Password zu sein set to After device Restart in Settings > progressed > Security, und you’ve nur restarted your deviceIf die amount of time in Settings > advanced > security > Require understand Password has elapsedIf her device’s battery ist below 10%

If you blieb need help, follow this steps. Shot again after each step:

Turn off confront ID in halfpeeledapple.com > settings > Security, then turn it zurück on again.Try resetting face ID on her device. Offen the settings app und tap face ID & Passcode > Reset challenge ID. Then tap Set hoch Face ID to set it nach oben again.

Get much more help with challenge ID on her iPhone or iPad Pro.