Fähre Von Teneriffa Nach La Gomera Fahrplan

You schutz different possibilites kommen sie get to el Hierro: Either take trip to el Hierro indigenous Tenerife über plane v Binter Canarias or von ferry v Compañia Naviera Armas. Make your trip arrangements either zu Tenerife-South (TFS) or kommen sie Tenerife-North (TFN). Landing bei Tenerife-North, change kommen sie a smaller sized plane of the Canarian airline Binter Canarias und continue to the airport of elastisch Hierro (VDE). Landing in Tenerife-South (TFS), either take it the bus or a taxi to the airport Tenerife-North, which is 70 kilometer away, or take the ferry from komm schon Cristianos (the exact same ferry harbor as weil das La Gomera and La Palma), just 15 km away from die airport Tenerife-South.

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El Hierro ist the smallest des the Canary islands. If freundin do not want zu hike only, hire a rental car kommen sie discover the island.→ vehicle rental on el Hierro

Getting to elastisch Hierro

Travelling to el Hierro…

…via Tenerife-South (TFS)

In two minutes intervals airplane from almost everywhere Europe and Central America land an the best airport von the Canaries, Tenerife-South/“Reina Sofia“ (TFS). According kommen sie this it zu sein likely to get a flight to Tenerife-South weist a good price.

70 kilometers north of the airport Tenerife-South/Reina Sofia lies die second airport of Tenerife, Tenerife-Nord/“Los Rodeos“ (TFN). Bolzen the airports travel by coach des TITSA (→ Website des TITSA: Express bus line 343), ns ride takes about 60 minute (ca.

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10 Euros). Native Tenerife-North (TFN) ns Canarian airline Binter Canarias links elastisch Hierro (VDE) with Tenerife up kommen sie four mal a day.→ Binter Canarias: https://www.bintercanarias.com/eng

Alternatively walk on von ferry indigenous Tenerife-South: take it a taxi to die port of komm schon Cristianos (15 km, around 23 Euros). Every day other than from Saturday the vessel “Volcán juni Tirajana” von the firm Naviera Armas leaves for el Hierro.→ Timetable Volcán juni Tirajana

…via Tenerife-North (TFN)

Well-priced flights might approach Tenerife-North/”Los Rodeos”. An Tenerife-North change zu a plane von Binter Canarias. Die airline ist travelling betwee TFN und VDE up zu four mal a day. Die duration von the flight ist about 40 minutes und includes spectacular views von Tenerife’s famous volcano “Pico del Teide” (3814 m).→ Binter Canarias: https://www.bintercanarias.com/eng

Timetable Naviera Armas

Naviera Armas connects elastisch Hierro (Puerto dach la Estaca) and Tenerife (Los Cristianos) six times a week. There zu sein no ferry ~ above Sarturday. Ns passage take away 165 minutes.→ Naviera Armas: https://www.navieraarmas.com

Last update: 18th Feb 2019No responsibility zu sein taken zum the correctness of the timetables.

18 FEB 2019 - 28 APR 2019 (Naviera Armas)
Tenerife (Los Cristianos) → el Hierro (Valverde)
El Hierro (Valverde) → Tenerife (Los Cristianos)