Dark eyelids, tired look. Her co-workers think that you partied again tonnage night. Ns truth is: you oase dark circles under her eyes, rather simply. The heroin look ist no much longer popular: We"ll nur you what you kann sein do around it!

The cause von dark circles und the misunderstanding with ns bags under the eyes

To understand dark one under ns eyes, we schutz to know: die skin around ns eye area is very sensitive, specific three zeit as thin as die rest of the skin on the face und six mal as thin as the skin on ns rest von the body. This ist because it has actually a very thin subcutaneous fat und no heavy connective tissue. An addition, the vessels bei this area are quite fine. If lock are notfall well provided with blood und if the blood also contains little oxygen, it appears darker and shimmers through die thin skin. Ns result: dark circles.

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The negative blood circulation and thus the dark discoloration under the eyes kann sein be the result of: lack von fluids, insufficient oxygen in the blood vessels, allergies, wrong or poor diet and iron deficiency, drug usage including alcohol or external influences such as umwelt toxins. What can so be hereditary hyperpigmentation.g.


(Look right into my eyes, but not the dark one below: Lack von sleep and stress can be ns cause von dark circles.)

However, we schutz to clear up one misunderstanding: bags under ns eyes are notfall dark circles, even if some usage these terms virtually synonymously.

First us all have bags under the eyes, specific to die side von the nasal bone.Secondly we speak ofswollen bags under die eyeswhen die eyelids are chronically swollen.

This comes with age: dilute connective tissue and slack muscle give means as fluid builds up an this area. Ns result ist a bag under die eye that can make you look nice old. You kann sein endure this v dignity or oase it operation corrected. However that"s another story that us leave to die surgeon.n.

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If freundin develop permanently puffy bags under the eyes, sie should erste consult a doctor: It might be bei indication of a weak heart, kidney condition or an allergy.

What kann sein I do about dark circles??

Cool: If freundin give your eyelids freshness, moisture und coldness, this stimulates your blood circulation. Cucumber slices or quark zum 20 minutes on the lids are well suited for this. Occasionally, some advisors deshalb suggest utilizing chilled tea bags of black or green tea or hemorrhoid creams, however this ist not there is no risk: They might contain building material that cause allergic reactions. Therefore, if an doubt, carry out without it.n.Move! Sport ist perfect weil das getting her circulation going und promoting your blood circulation. We have read that stepping, hopping or jumping rope schutz a preventive result on bags under ns eyes, together this reduces ns accumulation of fluid bei the tissue. Even if it is that"s true or not, activity doesn"t hurt.Fluid balance: do sure sie drink enough. Incidentally, this is also good weil das your skin in general: flüssig has a vitalising effect, promotes blood circulation and makes sie fresh. It virtually goes without saying: sie are fine taken care des here with water or unsweetened tea. Not with alcohol or sweet drinks.

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Balanced nutrition: If freundin eat too little or auch greasy or if sie are deficient an iron, dark circles room likely. Make sure that you are eat well. This zu sein not just good weil das your skin, but weil das your body together a whole.Quiet: Lack von sleep und stress lead kommen sie dark circles under die eyes, deshalb you must make sure sie get sufficient sleep und reduce stress. Try kommen sie develop a stark sleep rhythm; und if ns job ist too stressful zum you, act yourself to a break, a walk, a round of sport or whatever freundin like and do sie good!!Dispense: Smoking, drugs, alcohol. If sie want to have dark circles together fast und long together possible, sie put every little thing together. Us advise versus it. In this sense:

#staysober and good luck v your dark circles!