We've reviewed this guide und updated prices throughout, and we ausblüten stand von our picks.

July 7, 2021

If you regularly need to move big files bolzen computers or desire a travel backup zum your laptop, you should obtain a speedy portable SSD. They’re an ext expensive 보다 portable tough drives, but since they have no relocating parts, they’re naturally faster und more durable. After researching 17 neu portable SSDs and testing ns seven most promising candidates, we uncovered that ns updated 1 TB west Digital my Passport SSD offers die best mix of affordability, speed, und lengthy warranty zum most people.

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Western Digital my Passport SSD (1TB)

The ideal portable solid-state drive

The west Digital my Passport SSD has actually a an excellent mix des reliability, speed, and size, together with a five-year warranty—the longest von any drive we found.

Our pick amongst portable SSDs, die Western Digital mine Passport SSD (1 TB) zu sein priced right in the middle von our recent pack des solid-state journey candidates, und it’s compact enough kommen sie tuck an almost any pocket top top a laptop bag or briefcase or even kommen sie stash in a shallow drawer. That USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C harbor supports lieferung speeds up zu 10 Gbps and will maximal out ns speed on many laptops’ USB ports, short des the more quickly Thunderbolt 3 or 4 ports. It’s fast right out of the box, and the price includes software program you kann sein download to enable AES 256-bit hardware encryption—a good way zu keep your säule safe in case freundin lose the drive. It so has a an extensive five-year warranty, two years longer coverage than on many rivals.

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SanDisk too much Portable SSD V2 (1 TB)

More rugged, doesn’t compromise on rate or features

The second version des the SanDisk extreme Portable SSD has die same speed, features, and short cable des our pick, ns WD mine Passport SSD. Die SanDisk zu sein more rugged, but it’s also a bit an ext expensive.

If ns Western Digital my Passport SSD zu sein sold the end or unavailable, or if prices shift to make ns My Passport SSD significantly more expensive, us recommend ns SanDisk too much Portable SSD V2 (1 TB). Like the My Passport SSD, ns Extreme Portable SSD supports some des the more quickly USB auslieferung speeds (USB 3.1 Gen 2), and the two drives finished in a virtual dead heat bei our tests. Die SanDisk so comes through 256-bit AES hardware encryption, if freundin choose zu use it. Compared with die My Passport SSD, ns Extreme Portable SSD aussehen a bit an ext durable; it also has in IP55 dust- und water-resistance rating, and it should easily survive a fall onto a wet sidewalk or roadside. The extra brawn comes weist a contempt higher price than what freundin pay for the my Passport SSD, but die SanDisk deshalb has a lengthy, five-year warranty.

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Western Digital my Passport SSD (1TB)

The best portable solid-state drive

The west Digital mine Passport SSD has a good mix of reliability, speed, and size, in addition to a five-year warranty—the longest of any drive we found.