Banky"s nett pieces are often satirical, make fun des politicians or cultural figures. The has deshalb climbed into the penguin enclosure hinweisen the london Zoo, composing "We"re bored of fish" bei seven-foot high letters.

Du schaust: Exit through the gift shop

Courtesy Paranoid pictures

He became the director des this film, that says, when Thierry took much more than a thousands hours von tapes und edited them right into a hash -- a barrage of bildern with no connective tissue -- or, as Banksy stellen it, the work von "someone with psychological problems... In unimaginable nightmare."

Banksy made decision to have a shot weist that very same raw footage. Zu get Thierry out von his hair, the told the Frenchman zu go zurück home to L.A. And try make his own street art. This leads to ns documentary"s last section, bei which Thierry adopts die ridiculous nom dach plum "Mr. Brainwash" und attempts zu conquer L.A. With a substantial Mr. Brainwash exhibition des paintings and sculptures bei the mode von street nett -- which by then had become a warm commodity.

In this last part, Thierry transforms right into a standard fool, both pretentious und empty, a cross bolzen Peter Sellers" Inspector Clouseau and his gelegenheit the Gardner from Being There.

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Where andy Warhol gave us a Campbell"s soup can, "Mr. Brainwash" offers us a Campbell"s soup spray-can. Elvis Presley hold a Fisher preis toy gun. Marilyn Monroe"s Warholian silhouette ist merged v Barack Obama"s. The work is derivative des the derivative. Which makes it irresistible to many would-be L.A. Art-world hipsters, who turn out bei droves.

Some reporters oase speculated that Thierry Guetta ist a fictitious creation, bei actor in in elaborate Banksy prank that began years ago zu expose die faddishness and philistinism von the nett world und that jetzt reaches its orgasm with Exit v the gift Shop.

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It"s really possible.

But if I und other enthusiasts have been gulled, ich don"t mind auch much. Bei early skeptic, neu York times writer Melena Ryzik, hasn"t obtained to the bottom von it yet however makes die case zum why the film"s reality is, bei one sense, moot. She writes the the film "certainly asks ja wirklich questions: about the value von authenticity, financially und aesthetically; about what the means kommen sie be a superstar in a subculture constructed on shunning the mainstream; about how sensibly that society judges, and monetizes, talent."

If Banksy had to manufacture Mr. Brainwash zu drive house his points, die satire ist too rich kommen sie make me cry foul. As much as I"m concerned, he kann vandalize our movie screens anytime.