A kopieren, gruppe of friends who undertaking into die remote texas woods zum a party weekend discover themselves stalked by Bigfoot.

Du schaust: Exists die bigfoot-legende lebt

Genre: Action,Adventure,Horror

Director: Eduardo Sánchez

Actors: Brian Steele, kris Osborn, Denise Williamson, Dora Madison, george P. Gakoumis Jr., Jeff Schwan, i get it Edwards, Samuel Davis, Stefanie Sanchez

Keywords:Dehset Gecesi Eles Existem Exists: das Bigfoot-Legende lebt Postoji terror en el bosque Υπάρχει... Существует

2 tot 2 Kill



Four friends come to be stranded bei Eastern Europe and have kommen sie become struggle men, prostitutes, corrupt cops, smugglers und more zu make it home.


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