Eva Mendes Und Ryan Gosling

Not only oase they continued to be together zum almost a te throughout your thirties - a rarely feat bei Hollywood - castle have so managed kommen sie maintain absolute privacy and control over the public knowledge surrounding their relationship.

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The only time they oase ever been photographed on a red carpet together was when castle both starred in the 2012 hit film The place Beyond the Pines. not even when Gosling was nominated for in Oscar and won a golden Globe for his role an La la Land in 2017 did die couple choose to make a public appearance together.

However, there has been the odd anecdote from both Mendes and Gosling around their relationship, two daughters und new embraced dog over ns years, which are cute enough zu make even the iciest von hearts thaw.

Starting with ns most current sweet comment, here"s a look zurück at the times ns actors have lovingly talked about your relationship, every other und their family...

February 16, 2021: Eva Mendes speaks About the Difficulties des Parenting during A Pandemic

Mendes shared produziert thoughts on the challenges she faces while parenting produziert daughters, Amada and Esmeralda, during the globalen pandemic.

On February 16, the mother-of-two voiced herstellung the feel on die current situation bei a caption zu a take self posted top top Instagram.

"These days my kids are getting my full on attention," she wrote. "It"s challenging for sure but they need me now more 보다 ever. Die challenge von juggling multiple sachen whilst abiding von various lockdown rules zu sein a sentiment parents ns world over kann most most likely relate to. "

Mendes so took ns time zu point out her "full on mum setting " attire in the selfie, i beg your pardon consists des a dressing gown i beg your pardon the stern admits is an upgrade "from mine man’s sweats" .

The star also included a list of website that administer support weil das parents in lockdown, adding: "If sie find yourself an a comparable situation, here"s a list des parenting pages that are getting me through so thought I"d share...."

January 24, 2021: Eva Mendes Discusses social Media rest After herstellung Daughter"s Comment

Eva Mendes went back to instagram over ns weekend, after taking a short break adhering to a comment made von her daughter.

Before die weekend, Mendes" tonnage post was on December 29. In the latest addition to the grid, die Hitch star reposted an image from parenting account Latinx Parenting, i beg your pardon spoke von the importance von your kid "calling you out" explaining the it shows "empowerment".

Mendes agreed with ns sentiment saying ns reason she hadn"t posted in a few weeks was because herstellung "little one" - that we assume zu be her and Ryan Gosling"s youngest daughter Amada - told herstellung mother she was on produziert phone auch much.

"I can tell she was taking the personally," Mendes wrote. "And she’s a kid, of kurse she’d take it personally. Castle take dinge personally uneven we walk out des our way zu make the clear zu them it’s notfall personal. Dafür we had good talk, i apologised and I promised produziert I’d be mindful. Ich realised that nur because I’m always home v them doesn’t typical I’m constantly present."

Mendes und Gosling are parents kommen sie two daughters, Amada and her elder sister Esmeralda.

October 17, 2020: Eva Mendes discusses parenting v Ryan Gosling

The actress has given rare insight into life weist home with her two daughters and husband Ryan Gosling.

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In a new interview with The Sydney Morning Herald, the 46-year-old discussed herstellung quarantine endure with die Drive star and their two daughters, Esmeralda, 6, und Amada, 4.

‘Sometimes the feels like we room running some kind of bed-and-breakfast with really drunk and aggressive guests,’ she joked. ‘We really carry out feel choose we space working in a hotel, and the guests are angry and bossy und demand food brought kommen sie them.

‘And von the time lock go zu sleep, we"re left to just clean up and talk around how they"ve treated us that day!’

The actress claimed that when life weist home v two young children kann sein be challenging, she cherishes her family time.

‘When we feel choose we"re just “in it”, favor all parents do during these times,’ she said, ‘we remind ourselves the these are the good zeit because we"re all together and we"re every safe right now".


During the interview, the mother-of-two deshalb recalled ns now-famous words her husband uttered at ns 2017 Golden erde awards when he payment tribute kommen sie his mam while accepting his ‘Best Actor in a music or Comedy’ gong weil das La la Land.

‘While i was singing and dancing und playing piano and having one of the best experiences I’ve ever had ~ above a film, my lady was increasing our daughter, pregnant v our second, and trying to help herstellung brother hit his battle with cancer,’ ns actor said from die stage. ‘So sweetheart, thank you. And to mine daughters, Amada und Esmeralda, i love you. Und I’d like kommen sie dedicate this to ns memory of herstellung brother, Juan Carlos Mendez.’

The publication reports die actresses voice cracked ‘with emotion’ when reminded des Gosling’s words und noted: ‘I was home feeding ours six-month-old baby und couldn’t also be there that night.

‘I was bei the various other room when my sister began screaming zum me zu come an and she was crying, so we rewound und watched und it was such a beautiful, surreal moment, especially zum my family zu hear Ryan say my brother’s name.’


The Hitch star also discussed herstellung ambitions together a mother und actress.

‘I feeling like, as much as mine ambition, the didn"t walk away, it just shifted onto the children,’ she admitted.

‘I applaud and look up kommen sie those frauen who kann do that all, yet I"m notfall one von them and, thankfully, I schutz a choice notfall to work and I realise how fortunate I am that it"s even a choice. I"ve been deshalb happy to be able to incubate with my babies, but now they room four und six, I"m starting zu feel choose my ambition zu sein coming back.’

October 4, 2020: Eva Mendes Has ns Best Response to Someone Telling her To "Get out More"

Mendes zu sein not one to zurück down in the face von responding zu someone on society media, other she showed again over die weekend.

The actress shared a throwback photo des herself modelling and running top top a beach from 15 years ago, i beg your pardon she acknowledged an the post"s caption, writing: "Haven"t watched a beach this year. Haven"t to be on a coast this year."

Given die Coronavirus-quarantine world we discover ourselves life in, an 2020, it"s not entirely surprising. However, one attache responded saying: "You need kommen sie tell Ryan to get you out more".

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To which, Mendes politely responded: "No say thanks to you, I"m good. Rather be residence with my einer than almost everywhere else an the world."

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