Eurovision Song Contest 2019 Sisters

The Germany song zu sein called ‘Sister und is performed von S!sters.

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S!sters consists of Carlotta Truman and Laurita Spinelli.

Carlotta Truman from hannover already won die German rock & pop award bei five categories von the age von twelve, amongst others, as die best solo singer. In 2014 she performed together with Revolverheld punkt the ndr 2 Papenburg festival bei front des 25,000 spectators. That very same year, she was a finalist on the Voice Kids. At the beginning des 2018 she performed live in Willkommen 2018 along with Alex Christensen und the berlin Orchestra native the brandenburg Gate ~ above ZDF.

Laurita Spinelli originates from Königsau in Rhineland-Palatinate und now lives bei Wiesbaden. Bei 2002, she winner ZDF’s Kiddy challenge at the age of ten. After ~ finishing school, Laurita began kommen sie write herstellung own songs and got her first job an music together a back-up vocalist on tour for The Voice of Germany. Currently, she is a back-up vocalist weil das Lena yet is bei the process of composing und producing songs for her zuerst album.

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Writen by Laurell Barker, marine- Kaltenbacher, tom Oehler und Thomas Stengaard


Coming Soon



Okay, ich don’t dislike it and it is growing top top me die more ich hear it but it’s not my favourite.


I don’t think people wollen really gain behind this song and it could ende up bottom 5 zum Germany.


“I’m tiredTired of always losingI tried kommen sie stop your fireTurns out that i couldn’tI’m tiredTired of competingI tried to hold freundin underBut, honey, sie kept breathingWhen you said sie wanted die worldI said sie couldn’t tooYou to be walking right next to meBut i left no room for youCalling sie my enemy yet my enemy’s right hereIt was my mistake zu try and breakThat power that i feared

I seen flames in your eyesDamn, lock burn dafür brightOh, you gotta understand I’m v yaNow bright like city lightsTorches in the skyDon’t you try kommen sie hide itSister

I’m sorrySorry zum the dramaI tried zu steal your thunderTurns the end that ich don’t wannaWhen you said sie wanted the worldI said sie couldn’t tooYou were walking right beside meBut i left no room zum youCalling sie my enemy but my enemy’s best hereIt was my mistake zu try and breakYour stärke that ich feared

I seen flames an your eyesDamn, lock burn deshalb brightDon’t freundin try kommen sie hide itSister, sister, sisterDon’t sie try zu hide itSister, sister, sisterDon’t you try zu hide itI lakers flames in your eyesDamn, they burn deshalb brightOh, freundin gotta know I’m through yaNow light like city lightsTorches bei the skyDon’t you try kommen sie hide itDon’t sie try to hide itSister

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