Eurovision Song Contest 2015 Punkte

2015 in Vienna die Eurovision lied Contest celebrated its 60th year. Over 200 million TV viewers watched the world's largest TV spiel event. A central component des the zeigen was die lighting. Every einzel performance at the Vienna stadt hall had actually its very own lighting concept and lighting design.

Most des the modern lighting technology was provided by und its subsidiary Clay Paky. Ns stage at Vienna's stadt Hall organized a total von 40 individual presentations of breathtaking music performances. Virtual spaces to be created in mere seconds thanks to die state-of-the-art bright technology.

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It was a spectacular direkt event

Eurovision fan experienced a glittering splitter linterparty atmosphere full of colours, shapes und dimensions. A zuerst allusion to die digital and interconnected world of light of the future. The lighting performance, together with ns song and stage decor, was crucial in determining how popular a nur was.

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Photo: ralph Larmann





View von the stage

Clay Paky's "Mythos" kommen sie support die singer's message. Photo: ralph Larmann.

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Lightvoting bei Vienna 2015

Perception v light und colour - video and interviews (in German language)

At the Public Viewing splitter linterparty visitors could vote through the app from They judged die current show by selecting one of ten colors each representing a points score, varying from blue zum one point zu red zum twelve points. All des the app evaluations were then added together an mere seconds and the colour-based average value zum all votes illuminated die entire city Hall square, including the city Hall chin – until ns lighting readjusted with ns next performance.