A feuer new soccer league ist coming to Europe und its the type v touchdowns, notfall goals. Review on to find out everything freundin need zu know about die European League of Football.

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In 2007, ns NFL pulled die plug top top NFL Europe (otherwise well-known as ns World League von American soccer or NFL Europa). The intent behind this anfangsverdacht league was of course to grow the interest in the sport across die Atlantic.

Now, the erste fully professional American football league in Europe because 2007 is scheduled zu begin in a week, with comparable goals. Die European League von Football (ELF) zu sein scheduled to anfang its inaugural season top top Saturday, June 19th.

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List des ELF Teams

Earlier this year, the ELF reached in agreement with the NFL zu bring zurück some des the NFL Europe team names. The 2021 season möchte feature a total des 8 teams throughout 3 countries, but the organizers room hopeful zu expand to around 20 teams from 10 countries in the close to future.

For now, ns 8 teams wollen be split into a North and South division. Die list des teams ist as follows:

North Division

Berlin Thunder (Germany)

Hamburg Sea Devils (Germany)

Leipzig monarchs (Germany)

Wroclaw Panthers (Poland)

South Division

Barcelona dragons (Spain)

Cologne Centurions (Germany)

Frankfurt Galaxy (Germany)

Stuttgart surging (Germany)

Rules and Format

The league wollen follow all ns same rule as die NFL, with die exception des the overtime rule which they wollen borrow from die NCAA.

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The league will be played end 12 weeks, through 10 consistent season games followed von a play-off game und finally die championship which wollen be played on september 27th.

Additionally, rosters wollen be capped punkt 60 und a exercise squad of 5 players will be allowed weil das each franchise. Because the league zu sein focusing top top homegrown talent, the roster tun können have a maximum of 4 American players plus another 10 non-American foreign players.

Like die NFL and most American sports leagues, the ELF will oase a value cap kommen sie encourage sustainability und competitive balance.

Where to Watch european League von Football

Fans living in Germany tun können watch ns games ~ above TV. 3 networks – ProSieben Maxx, more than sports TV, und – wollen be broadcasting ns games.

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If you’re bei Spain, you kann sein watch Barcelona dragon game durch Esport3. For fans from all other countries, ns league provides their own Gamepass which can be purchased indigenous their main website.

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