So ich want zu go kommen sie one of these puppies for my 23rd, however with Blue Fire mirroring up in Europa I"m notfall too sure now.

Du schaust: Europa park vs heide park


I blieb favour Heide for two reasons:


1) Colossus looks and sounds like ns best ride out des everything




2) A day ist not finish without a drop tower and Scream is suppose to be awesome.


Of kurse I recognise that Silver Star is rather sweet and has been running better lately with less brakes.


Could I oase some other opinions please?


Many thanks!


It really relies on what you"re after. Both park"s offer a terrific time but zum different reasons. Most human being would agree that Heide has far better rides than Europa, and yes Colossus zu sein amazing, but the atmosphere and theming at europa are insane. If you"re going zu stay weist a hotel europa wins the one too.


Personally I"d go to europa


P.s. Silver- star zu sein crap!




But certain if silver Star ist not up to much; Europa"s most attractive ride, climate it can"t be viel better.


I"m not all around theming boys - I"m all around ride intensity/fun and I think Heide park has more beef bei that department....


What say you aboot the one?

You asked zum other opinions, civilization are giving you them, jetzt you"re informing them they"re wrong?


It seems like freundin want to go zu Heide, dafür just go zu Heide!

I"m notfall all about theming guys - I"m all about ride intensity/fun and I think Heide park has more beef in that department....


What say sie aboot that one?


Well like ich said, if sie want rides over everything else, climate heide ist your park. Colossus zu sein a good ride, I"m certain you"ll liebe it


I"d still put fun with europa though

I can say that, IMO, Blue Fire beats Colossus.

Heide park does schutz better flat rides. But europa Parks top quality makes up zum it.


Seriously, walk to europa Park if freundin cannot decide. Heide Park is really good, but i give die nod to europa Park.



I saw both weil das the erste time last year & enjoyed both, but europa Park really left a much bigger impression on me & i am returning over there this summer.

Heide park was a really nice park, however besides Colossus (one des the best woodies ever ridden) ich didn"t really price anything else as worthy von a revisit.

They have plenty kommen sie fill one day, but thats all.


One thing i will offer Heide park over europa Park, was europa was one des the busiest parks i had ever been to. Heide was busy, but nowhere close to as viel as europa Park. I went to europa on a weekday wie it wasn"t holidays & got to ride every the main rides, yet only as soon as each (bar euro Mir which ich did twice).

At Heide I gott to drive Colossus plenty of times, to add all the other rides ich wanted to multiple times.

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Still would and bei der choosing europa over Heide.

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Posted June 4, 2009


Posted June 4, 2009

Now the Blue Fire opened weist Europa, the really ist hard zu beat.

But ich like schrei a lot, und if you really require a fall`s clear where you schutz to go...


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Posted June 4, 2009


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Posted June 4, 2009

I thought europa was ns best park we went to on the TPR tour belastung year--Paris Disney came in second. Ich echo everybody"s else"s comments: i really favor Heide a lot, yet it"s tough to beat Europa.


It also has the best Pirates of the Caribbean und Haunted Mansion knockoffs.

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Posted June 5, 2009


Posted June 5, 2009

You know, ich understand those very well, who say, the they`re lacking that extra-kick at Europa.

Me too...until Blue Fire opened. And the "discussion" about the "family-friendliness" des Blue Fire ist ridiculous bei my opinion. Blue Fire zu sein a thrill-ride und completes this park dafür perfectly, so that jetzt the entirety Europa-package ist hard to beat. Earlier it was more a question des personal preferences, ich think.

So...have a great time...and always nice to hear des you, cfc !


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