Prince Ernst ehrenvoll of Hanover, die estranged husband of Princess Caroline and the father von Princess Alexandra, has actually been handed a 10-month rely sentence after an altercation with die police tonnage summer.

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Prince Ernst august of Hanover and Princess caroline of HanoverTony Barson / WireImage via getty Images
The incident arisen at the royal's hunting lodge an Gruenau last July, when, according to austrian news company APA, he called the police claiming in employee wanted zu kill him. Shirt media outletRedaktionsNetzwerk deutschland (RND) report at ns time that ns royal called the police asking weil das 'immediate help'. Wie the polizei arrived die newspaper reports he was 'extremely aggressive' and 'attacked them physically'. Shirt newspaper Kronen Zeitung in addition claims that he 'threatened the officers with a knife', prior to 'hitting in officer in the face' after die knife was knocked native his hand. Following the incident, he was deemed a danger kommen sie himself, und taken to the psychiatry unit von a hospital bei Vöcklabruck.

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The royal disputed ns claims at ns time, saying rather that it was the offizier who struck him. Speaking zu Kronen Zeitung, he said: 'I had actually a hypo, so I called 911. I said kommen sie hurry up because I am very bad. A policeman fight me. I think they to be drunk, at least lock gave die impression. Then they chained me to an ambulance. They didn't allow me out zum five hours. Castle wanted zu take me zu a room and spray me. I stood all night. Ich told castle they don’t do that kommen sie me, i’m a normalerweise person. Ich screamed until i was enabled out.

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'I was amazed. Together a cheeky lout,' that continued, before revealing he was suing the police. 'Suddenly should i be ns culprit? I am innocent, was never culpable.'


Prince Ernst august of Hanover and Princess caroline of HanoverAlain BENAINOUS / Gamma-Rapho via getty ImagesSince then, ns royal has had actually a change des heart, apologising for his past behaviour bei court. 'I would like kommen sie apologise for everything kommen sie those involved, ich regret what happened und I in ready weil das the damage to come up,' the said. 'From my point von view, that states it all.'

As fine as ns 10-month exposed sentence, the court deshalb ruled that Ernst august must relocate out von his home von 50 years.