Epson Xp-3100 Test

Costing just over £50, die Epson XP-3100 all-in-one colour printer assures a lot for a super-low price. Yet what exactly do freundin get zum your cash?

Next up zu sein connecting zu your Wi-Fi network. Ns most for sure way zu do this ist to manually enter your password via die control panel. This confirmed a slight pain on ns 1.45-inch non-touch display, and may end up being irksome weil das those who adjust their password frequently.

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Once i was connected, ich had to install a couple of firmware updates, after ~ which ich was good zu go. Drivers for fenstern devices tun können be downloaded from Epson’s site, when Mac users kann sein just select ns XP-3100 from your list of printers in System Preferences; the XP-3100 supports sich entschuldigen AirPrint. Meanwhile, iOS und Android users kann sein send print instructions to the XP-3100 via the Epson smart Panel, and Epson creative Print apps.

Epson smart Panel lets you print papers stored locally on her phone, publish from iCloud (iOS) and Google journey (Android), and generally act together a remote control panel. She able kommen sie do sachen like operation alignment tests und check octopus levels weist a glance.

There doesn’t appear to be a way kommen sie print documents and photos native the likes of OneNote, Evernote, or Box. This is odd, because die Epson iPrint app, i m sorry printers such as die XP-7100, ET-M2120, ET-2720 use, every let freundin tap into those.

Epson an imaginative Print ist geared in the direction of doing fun jene such together making greetings cards, to press CD/DVD labels. There’s so a nifty Colouring book tool, which kann turn images stored on her phone right into black-and-white heat art. Parents, or even adults, who want to indulge in some therapeutic colouring bei may well appreciate this.

Print speed and quality – Great zum text, but be mindful von ink levels

High print speeds und razor-sharp fontsGraphics look good, but die jury’s out on picture qualityBuy die XL cartridges, because the XP-3100 is thirsty

The Epson XP-3100 ist a sensibly speedy colour printer, producing decent copy und reasonably an excellent graphics hinweisen acceptable speeds.

Print speeds for text are high, with single pages von A4 gift produced in around 4-5 seconds (4.59 secs on average). Five-page documents took 26.94 seconds on average, equivalent zu 11.13 pages per minute, while 20-pagers took 2mins 10secs, or 9.88ppm.

Text printed on the normalerweise print setting looked sharp und distinct, v no instantly noticeable instances von bleed zum deformation. Large, hefty fonts, upwards of 18pts looked a wenig blanched, so if you’re printing the end something important, I’d recommend that freundin increase ns print quality.

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Single-colour photos published on a piece of plain A4 took around a minute (57.2 secs on average). While photos looked detailed, castle weren’t especially vibrant. Colour looked muted and drained. Unfortunately, ich struggled zu print top top glossy paper, deswegen I can’t comment on how good ns Epson XP-3100 is zum printing out high-quality photos.

As i said above, while experimentation out the Epson XP-3100, ich had to run numerous nozzle-cleaning cycles in order to get it kommen sie print cyan squid correctly. While ich was able zu eventually gain this to work, die process yes, really hit home the fact that ns standard-sized Epson 603 cartridges that die XP-3100 provides are quite small.

While the standard costs-per-page aren’t an especially poor, they’re not exactly kind to your wallet. Together you kann see in the tables below, sie really would certainly be far far better off getting the bigger 603XL cartridges. Far better yet, if a low running cost ist something that’s a deal-maker for you, consider bei Epson EcoTank printer. These use ink party that are far more economical than cartridges.

Epson schwarz 603 InkEpson Cyan 603 InkEpson Magenta 603 InkEpson Yellow 603 Ink
Page yield150130130130
Cost von page8p5p5p5p

Epson black 603XL InkEpson Cyan 603XL InkEpson Magenta 603XL InkEpson Yellow 603XL Ink
Page yield500350350350
Cost per page5p4p4p4p

Editor’s note: all prices space taken indigenous Epson’s site, and are correct und time von writing. Expenses per buchseite are rounded up. 


Epson XP-3100 conclusion

The Epson XP-3100 is in incredibly affordable all-in-one printer, which looks a downright bargain on paper. Yet while ich do think it’s a great option weil das those working hinweisen home who just need kommen sie print sparingly, ns long-term running expenses are probably auch high zum printing out documents on ns regular.

I so had issues printing ~ above glossy paper, which boundaries this printer’s versatility. There space cheaper printers the end there through scanning capabilities, too. So unless you just want a spending plan printer for churning ours documents, through scanning and copying an abilities on the side, i suggest freundin check the end our ideal Printer roundup weil das alternatives.

You have to buy the Epson XP-3100 if…

You’re on a tight budgetHave £100 or much less to chuck at a printer? Get ns Epson XP-3100, but invest in some XL cartridges.You need kommen sie print documents an colourThis printer is great if you’re largely printing text but need zu run off the occasional colour print.

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You need kommen sie be able kommen sie scan und copy and printWhether it’s a contract, boarding pass, bei ancient endowment map, this zu sein a good all-in-one zum the sometimes scan and copy.

You shouldn’t buy the Epson XP-3100 if…