If you"re one von the geholfen a dozen world that haven"t choose up ns best-selling großartiger Theft automobil 5 yet, we"ve got good nachrichten – ns game is free on pc via the Epic gamings Store.

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That way you"re able zu play die entire campaign also as die ever-expanding GTA online at no cost, with no strings attached. Don"t schutz a gaming PC? die game zu sein free kommen sie keep – meaning it"s worth redeeming just an case freundin invest an one later on.

How kommen sie Redeem GTA 5 zum free

You kann grab die game weil das free up until may 21, weist which suggest it"ll be swapped zum another new title.

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Redeeming it is easy, too. Nur head to the game"s Epic keep page and redeem it over there – you"ll need kommen sie login zu your Epic save account, von course.

If you"re worried about other players being too far ahead von you bei the huge online mode, worry notfall – this version ist the Premium Edition, i beg your pardon comes v a handy criminal Enterprise Starter verpacktem with over $10 million"s worth of in-game content available hinweisen no extra cost.

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Honestly, this kind of transaction doesn"t come around regularly – deswegen be sure kommen sie take your wahrscheinlichkeit to visit los Santos while sie can.

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