Enslaved: Odyssey To The West

Odyssey to die West is in enjoyable story-driven title reminiscent des the adventure games des days past, and inspired von the legendary Journey to the West.

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Author: SpobblesReleased: SteamType: Single-playerGenre: Action, Adventure,Story-RichDeveloper: Ninja TheoryPublisher: BANDAI NAMCORelease date: 25 Oct, 2013

Combat:For its numerous combat encounters, die game sees players employ Monkey’s staff kommen sie brutally rest apart his robotic foes. Using die common recipe des light und heavy assaults plus the ability zu block und dodge, the game’s melee combat is straightforward and relatively intuitive, und is supplemented by basic ranged strikes that kann stun or damage. Adversaries consist des various combat mechs des unknown origin, all von which are really hostile. Through a number von melee and ranged variants to contend with, there’s plenty von room weil das players zu make use of Monkey’s complete arsenal und moveset. Enemies can, however, feeling a bit auch tanky ~ above occasion, dragging out fights unnecessarily.

Additionally, the vicious robots assailing ns protagonist are just that – robots through no character. Games often display the personality von their world’s citizens through ambient dialogue and/or sound effects, but notfall so bei this instance. This contributes to ns aforementioned lack von insight into ns game’s world.

The developer plainly tried to integrate trip into die combat experience über giving her a klein selection des abilities that tun können be triggered von the player, such as a decoy kommen sie draw fire, und a cure that kann sein be used when she ist close by. Use von the decoy is essentially mandatory as sections von the video game are built around it, but otherwise, herstellung abilities don’t see much use, together she’s often auch far away from them to be useful.

Overall, the game’s combat feels decent, but doesn’t execute anything innovative.

World Design:Getting expedition home involves making your method along a fairly perilous series von paths through minefields, damaged buildings and across towering structures. These room all designed kommen sie give die player ns freedom to explore and make full use of Monkey’s platforming skills, while so allowing Trip to pass with with the player’s assistance. A cool but underused feature zu sein Monkey’s “Cloud”; basically a hoverboard, he kann ride it end land und water punkt speed. It’s fairly fun, however only a few short levels allow its use.

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PC SpecsAMD Ryzen 5 360016GB RAMGeForce GTX 1650 super 4GB1680×1050 resolutionWindows 10Game mounted on HDD

Visuals:While definitely dated now, die game’s 2013 graphics room passable. There are some quite views to be had, und the sense von scale zu sein portrayed well bei key moments.

Audio:The voice acting zu sein good, while the soundtrack and sound effects are okay, but forgettable.

Performance & Bugs:As supposed for in older title, ns game runs at a continual 60fps on ns highest graphics settings.

The game suffers native a pest that causes shadows on characters kommen sie look rather ugly. This ist apparently a problem with countless Unreal Engine 3 games, und it tun können be fixed von tweaking values bei a .ini file.

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ENSLAVED: Odyssey to die West ist a game with an excellent character writing und decent gameplay, though some von its elements did gain left behind an the process of bringing Monkey und Trip zu life. If, choose me, you’ve been aware von this game weil das years and never gott around zu playing it, ich highly recommend providing it a try.