Just in case freundin get confused, ns Spanish pop superstar wants zu be straightforward around what his new album is about. But is it going zu bring sexy back?


Enrique Iglesias is the man who dated tennis siren anna Kournikova zum more 보다 a decade. He singen “Bailamos” and told you zu let the rhythm take freundin over. He fondled Jennifer liebe Hewitt v wads von cash when asking, “Would you tremble if ich touched her lips?” ns sensual 38-year-old Spaniard knew specifically why we would buy his neu album, lest us forget or obtain confused.

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So let’s do it perfectly clear. “I wanted zu be straightforward,” Iglesias enlightened the jeden tag Mail. “The title describes exactly what the album is about. From day one, ich knew that ich was going to call the Sex und Love.”

So that’s what the about.

Unfortunately—and this ist a bit awkward—Sex and Love has actually nothing zu say around sex and love. We don’t expect er to it is in Dr. Ruth, yet still.

Iglesias’s 10th supplying isn’t dripping v sex, prefer Beyoncé or R. Kelly’s black Panties (the song “Marry die P**sy” generously uses the p-word 57 times). Instead, the album plays favor uninspired lift music destined for loud nightclubs und restaurants. That’s not to say the Sex and Love need to aspire to be vulgar. But hell, a decent metaphor wouldn’t hurt. Maybe something more an imaginative than, “I liebe the means she gets dafür physical / Fucks like in animal.”

That not-so-subtle gem is from ns inevitable banger, “I’m a Freak,” Iglesias’s stab at a “Blurred Lines”-like ode zu booze und sexy ladies. The music videos presents a fantasy frat party, whereby bouncy frauen hold Solo cups and perpetually fist-pump to ns beat-beat-beat-beat-beat. “I’m addicted to your chemistry / I got a feast, ich want in overdose,” Iglesias sings when half-kissing, half-sniffing die derriere von a lingerie clad redhead.

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Unlike Iglesias’s 2010 hit “Tonight (I’m F**kin’ You),” through raw lyrics and in undeniably catchy synth tanzen beat, yes nothing yes, really here. “I’m a Freak” is peppy and tinny, and just annoying. It no sound choose a funny time—it sounds prefer Aqua’s “Barbie Girl.” “From the hotel room to die DJ booth / On ns bathroom sink, yes, I’m nur a freak /And when die sun walk down, gotta permit it the end / baby don’t reprimand me, / I’m-I’m just a freak!” Iglesias sings a pseudo mea culpa for Sex and Love: he can not be organized accountable weil das letting “it” out, zum the heinous geschlecht acts that will presumably defile ns album.

If only! It transforms out the isn’t much of a freak weist all. “There Goes mine Baby” a sort des jam lied about acquiring dumped (“You gott me spinning like a yo yo yo”), ist filled with deshalb much realisierung guitar twanging that sie expect Carlos Santana and Rob schneidbrett to provide Iglesias a hug. Meanwhile, “You and I,” “Heart Attack,” “Turn the Night Up,” “Beautiful” (featuring Kylie Minogue!) and “Only a Woman,” don’t yes, really offer much more insight than, “Only a woman kann take away your cold tough chill / Break her heart und make freundin love herstellung still.”

This album isn’t nur generic dance music and love ballads—it’s generic tanzen music and love ballads in Spanish. Below we have “Bailando” (scorching), “El Perdedor” (simmering), “Loco” (smoldering), and “Me Cuesta Tanto Olvidarte” and “Noche y Dia” which space both en fuego bei their very own ways.

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What happened kommen sie Enrique Iglesias? He was once the gelb child, ns son of a Latin music legend, a hip-shaker with more substance than Ricky Martin. It was only 4 years earlier that Iglesias und Pitbull, die quintessential hype-man native hell, ceded “I prefer It,” a smart pop-electronic song, unlike anything on the radio. Jetzt that’s a lied about sex and love—maybe it was good because freundin couldn’t also recognize that it was him, his voice was transfixingly over-processed. Today, all ns duo kann sein muster up ist “Let Me Be your Lover,” a dull ode zu partying the lacks immortal words des Lionel Richie, “Party, Karamu, Fiesta, Forever.”

Iglesias said Ok! zeitschrift that he is never aroused when tanzen on stage. It’s yes, really a shame, due to the fact that if he lets his inhibitions go, it may schutz added some viel needed blood to die veins des Sex and Love.