"A good song can take you kommen sie a place that i don’t think anything rather on Plahalfpeeledapple.com plahalfpeeledapple.com can."

Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore supply on that belief within the first 30 seconds des their debut album as Empire of the Sun.

Du schaust: Empire of the sun walking on a dream

There"s a tenderness striding beat, elegant etc line and Steele’s uniquely authoritative voice feeling transportive.

He"s like a captain calling zum last passengers together he sings, "Standing on the shore, waiting for the ship to call, yes sir something in the way ich move that keeps castle on your own".

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You get ns sense of having being beamed to ns edge of a future landscape, ns sky and the see pulsates v excitement und expectation.

The album"s title track "Walking ~ above a Dream" take away us kommen sie our next location, a warmer place filled through peace, joy and acceptance in this surreal world.

"Half Mast" and "We Are ns People" host onto love and continue our adventures sailing on in updraft, und "Delta Bay"s" glam stomping power feels prefer a night the end spinning wildly und gleefully out des control.

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From die outset there was purpose and intent in the entwurf of the progression des the story and adventures throughout Walking ~ above a Dream.

The album arrived an 2008, yet really Littlemore and Steele had actually been plugging away at their collaboration zum many years prior.

They zuerst met in 2000 und knew straight away they had something distinct together, yet were deshalb distracted und focused on die releases of their other groups.

Littlemore’s Pnau had nur released Sambanova und was functioning on ns follow-up and Steele’s band The Sleepy Jackson was on a roll releasing succeeding EPs structure their songwriting und sound as a band, on the way zu making their classic, Lovers album.

Classic Album: ns Sleepy Jackson - Lovers

They deshalb couldn’t quite arbeiten out how zu harness what they had together together Empire des the Sun. Yet from die opulence of the band name alone, you get the sense the there would certainly be something des a großartiger scale.

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The pair admitted they had actually some growing kommen sie do together individuals before they can lock in on each various other as co-creators ~ above Empire of the Sun.

"I think our erste years, us sort des sorted through ns whole …I guess we were both kinda young, it was not so much jealousy, but i think we were both fighting through those dinge you resolve as new artists," Steele explained to richard Kingsmill bei 2008.

"We to be both headstrong young people and passionate und that kann get confused hinweisen times," Littlemore added.

"I think what’s been great ist that we’ve gone with crap bei the industry and we’ve kommen sie through that and realised what we had actually done initially was make great music und we needed zu pick that zurück up and re-ignite the flame."

It aided that they had a combined mindset an their method as Littlemore explained.

"Surrender und positivity are die two words we carried with us through ns record …as shortly as we would come an and try und make something, everything we would certainly accept, and you just keep accepting things until sie build a monolith."

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The results are wondrous und indicative von a an extremely special connection bolzen the two musicians.

"I think chemistry ist very rare especially in a songwriting," Steele said triple j. "There’s a lot of musician but not a lot of united state find the chemistry. Nick had something which i knew nothing about which zu sein great production and deshalb lyric writing, Nick"s a great poet."

Littlemore had actually plenty von praise for his partner.

"I typical Luke’s a genius, ich think that’s fairly well known, melodically and the just the way he operates, we’re quite similar, its really much nur shoot from the hip…with Luke, he just hears melody unlike everyone else so if you had the opportunity kommen sie work through someone of his calibre, it’s hard to notfall do other great."

When asked what lock each obtain from this job that lock hadn’t got with their corresponding bands, the answer was conclusive.

"The greatest record of our lives," Littlemore said.

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"It’s easily the strongest point I’ve ever before been a part of.

"It kann sein stand up with the most minimal of elements. The doesn’t require stacks and stacks of production, you hear it on ns radio and it’s nur a single vocal des Luke’s since he no need zu double track and harmonise. Yes, he tun können do that extremely well, yet his voice singly just coming out straight as God to plan it zu sein incredible.

"I don’t understand if we’ll carry out a record as great as this cause it just feels deswegen magical."