Eminem Rihanna Love The Way You Lie

A last of fan speculated that the das lied was weil das Eminem’s ex-wife kimberly Anne Scott and portrayed the entwickeln of your relationship.

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When Eminem & Rihanna’s Hit monitor ‘Love die Way you Lie’ was Blamed kommen sie Glamorize residential Abuse – Deets within (Photo Credit: IMDb)

We all understand that it was Jay-Z who found Rihanna and we can’t thank er enough weil das that. Yet at the same time, the beauty is in amazing singer und has offered some of the most brilliant collaborations including Eminem’s ‘Love die Way sie Lie’. However do y’all know wie man the song was released, it was blamed to glamorize residential abuse? Read kommen sie know the details below.

The lyrics von the lied didn’t walk well with ns fans und they automatically started slamming ns artists.

Rihanna’s domestic violence claims against ex-boyfriend kris Brown were already die talk of the town and then the song came. Eminem’s chorus in the song had lyrics the read, “I feel so ashamed, ich snapped, who’s the dude? i don’t even know his name, i laid hand on her…I’ll never ever stoop deshalb low again, ich guess i don’t know my own strength” which developed a stir with its visuals an the song.

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Immediately after Eminem’s lyrics’ come Rihanna’s chorus that read, “Just gonna stand there and watch me burn, well that’s alright because i like the way it hurts,” now this agitated the fans und they all started calling out weil das the Barbadian singer and how she’s supporting the domestic violence abuse an the song.

Also, ns visuals bei the das lied consist des a pair sleeping with each other, die next they’re fighting violently with each other, then share a passionate kiss through each various other after ns man bei the song punches his fist an the wall.

A last of fan speculated that the das lied was zum Eminem’s ex-wife kimberly Anne Scott und portrayed the entstehen of their relationship.

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Stephanie Nilva, executive, management director of sexual assault und trauma resource centre work One spoke to MTV News and said, “The most vital thing die video ist doing zu sein raising die topic des dating violence amongst young people.”

She continued and said, “Eminem’s history zu sein …as someone that sings a gewächs about violence. Und Rihanna’s suffer as someone who was abused by Chris Brown.”

Talking about the history von their personal relationships, stephanie Nilva concluded, “that die message is not ‘Don’t sie want a relationship prefer mine?’ the message zu sein a warning sign.”

Here’s the song:

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