Tate Taylor"s take it on Paula Hawkins" der bestseller sticks near to die material, with a couple of key changes.

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“The mädchen on die Train”

10.A Major new Scene has actually Been Added

That’s not the only new scene that Wilson has added in, as die film deshalb plays home to a show-stopper von a sequence that sees a very drunk Rachel living it nach oben at local bar, do a neu pal and attempting an embarrassing selfie an the bar’s bathroom. As it winds ~ above — und her smart phone, by chance set to video, documents what wake up — the goes from a red-faced night out to a disturbing look within Rachel’s psyche, as she works herself nach oben into a fury over die things that schutz happened kommen sie her, culminating with the kind of announcement that sounds favor a confession. Wie man Rachel finds the video later, also she’s horrified von what she finds, und it goes a lang way towards convincing herstellung that she might actually it is in behind Megan’s disappearance.

11. Die Ending has Been adjusted (In ways Both Big and Small)

While the conclusion von the film hewsvery closely zu that of the book, fans of Hawkins’ work wollen notice a couple of key changes. For one, wie man Rachel goes to visit Megan’s grave, it’s the only one she find — Megan’s dead baby daughter hasn’t to be moved to join her, a sad omission that just further highlights the tragedy of Megan’s life.

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But that pain zu sein somewhat diluted von the film’s last scene, which look at a an extremely hopeful-looking Rachel back on the train and speeding straight right into a new life. While die book ends withsomehope, it’s solid this upbeat. (It’s a nice, to solve change.)

“The girl On die Train” chugs right into theaters top top Friday, October 7.

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