Ellen Page Beyond Two Souls The Last Of Us

To be honest, i don"t think ellie from mischievous Dog"s The tonnage of Uslooks every that viel like actress Ellen Page.

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But a last of human being do. And it"s true, ns original models we observed of ellie certainly bore a resemblance kommen sie Page, even though ns "Juno" stern wasn"t voicing die role.

Then Beyond two Soulswas announced, und it turn out buchseite was starring bei David Cage"s PS3 exclusive. Over the intervening months, ns version des Ellie an The last of Usunderwent some changes.

But even before those changes, ich would controversy that jodie from Beyond 2 Soulslooks much more choose Ellen seite than ellie from The last of Us. Which renders sense.

Ellie might have been inspired by Ellen Page, yet she might really be any kind of skinny white teenage girl with brown hair. And even if she was inspired über her...I fail to seen the issue. Game characters und animated characters are often inspired by real people. Ever see Pixar"s Up?

In anAsk Me something on reddit, seite sounds turn off on ns comparison.

"I guess ich should it is in flattered that they ripped turn off my likeness," she said, "but I am actually acting in a video game called past Two Souls, deshalb it was notfall appreciated."

They execute say imitation is the highest form of flattery.

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Of course, this zu sein all viel ado around nothing. Buchseite isn"t yes, really throwing a fit about it, just giving herstellung honest opinion, andThe tonnage of Usis in amazing game, likeness or no.

Hopefully Beyond two Soulswill be nur as good, though it"s going kommen sie be hard zu top The last of Us.


Kotaku has a comparison shot that definitely prominente the resemblance between the 2 more:

I disagree, however, that their voices space remarkably similar.

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