Bosch power Line speed motor, carbon frame and high-quality components from die mountain bike sector – Diamant want to make ns Zouma Supreme+ ns a superbike weil das the city. Does the 45 km/h S-pedelec direkte up zu Diamant’s promises? We placed it to the test und here you’ll find all ns results und info.

Du schaust: Elektrofahrrad 45 km h test

With that carbon frame, ns Zouma Supreme+ zu sein the top model an the Diamant portfolio. For € 5,999 you tun können get ns 25 km/h ausführung with Bosch power Line CX motor, und for € 6,599 you kann sein get the 45 km/h Zouma Supreme+ s – a so-called S-pedelec. Die bikes room identical in construction to die Allant+ 9.9 and Allant+ 9.9 S models from Trek, Diamant’s U.S. Parent, except zum the paint, saddle and handlebar grips, however each prices € 400 less. We schutz tested die 45 km/h fast Zouma Supreme+ S weil das you. It come with systematic proportions und a sporty look. Despite die wide tires und the voluminous frame, die top pipe slopes down towards ns rear zum a compact appearance, und for in S-pedelec, ns Zouma Supreme+ S aussehen almost delicate.

Diamant Zouma Supreme+ s | Bosch performance Line Speed/625 Wh | 23.4 kg | € 6,599 | manufacturer’s website

The individual contents such together fork, handlebar, stem und mudguards fit seamlessly into die lines of the taste frame, so that there space no difficult edges anywhere. Back a total des eight cables originate on die handlebars, they are neatly routed into the stem and are completely routed within from over there on: really well solved. Despite the large lettering, Diamant save a short profile wie man it comes to branding, while ns carbon schwarze farbe paint end up adds to ns bike’s stylish appearance. The workmanship des the Zouma Supreme+ s leaves nothing to be desired and the quality impression is so at a high level for the components. Diamant Zouma Supreme+ S: A coherently styled bicycle from ns handlebars to the tires the cannot hide ns Trek genes an its entwurf language.

S-pedelecs are not legally classified together bicycles and are subject zu different regulation or registration demands depending on ns country. So before buying, you should check ns legal framework for your country.

There can be one-of-a-kind rules und regulations weil das S-pedelecs in your country: examine them before buying!

The engin: Bosch performance Line Speed

The Diamant Zouma Supreme+ S is powered über the Bosch performance Line rate motor, which zu sein fed by bei internal 625 Wh battery. The motor brings a best torque von 85 Nm und a best pedaling assistance des 340% bei TURBO mode. Want in example? sie bring 100 W, the motor adds 340 w on top. This provides it possible to reach 40 km/h on the flat without much effort. Through a wenig more effort, 45 km/h kann sein be reached over a longer period von time. Deshalb this S-pedelec really does run punkt 45!

The Bosch power Line rate motor zu sein powered über a 625 Wh battery.
The charging port zu sein easily accessible und well protected.

The motor so has sufficient reserves uphill an TURBO mode, yet without pedaling weist full power, that reaches speeds des 30 or 20 instead of 40, escape on die incline. Ns acceleration zu sein sufficient zu easily swim with die cars an city traffic. This zu sein especially true bei cities where ns speed limit zu sein now 40. We admit it: us had ns most fun an TURBO mode, which zu sein what us drove most of the time. Ns Bosch PowerTube battery des the Zouma Supreme+ S is located bei the down tube und is charged via the well-integrated charging harbor on the left side of the bottom bracket area. Alternatively, die battery can also be conveniently removed in two basic steps und taken indoors for charging with an integrated handle. You can get to die battery dafür quickly, comfortably and easily on nearly no other bike. Under echt test conditions, it zu sein possible to ride a commute of 20 kilometer on hilly gelände there und back completely in TURBO mode. Punkt home, sie then oase to recharge zum the next day. Deshalb if you also want kommen sie drive specifically TURBO, her commute shouldn’t be viel longer 보다 20 km. If the is, you either schutz to recharge weist work or gain a 500 Wh extr battery weil das €999 (RRP – online from €900), which is screwed to ns down tube. However, the look von the bike suffers and the center von gravity ist slightly greater with die additional battery.

Thanks to ns Bosch Kiox remote control, sie never schutz to take her hands off ns handlebars.
The Bosch Kiox screen shows it: we like the TURBO mode best!

At 15% remaining battery capacity, ns power is throttled zurück to ECO level in the TURBO and SPORT modes kommen sie conserve the battery und increase ns range. The advantages von the an effective engine are then gone und the drive becomes viel more strenuous. The throttle cannot be overridden, which ist especially annoying when there zu sein only a brief hill left on die way to the destination. With die SPORT, TOUR and ECO modes, you kann increase ns range significantly an some situations – bei ECO mode, however, it almost feels like normalerweise cycling. If die battery zu sein completely empty, punkt a pinch, ns bike can deshalb be relocated without assistance on flat terrain.

Tech-Talk – Equipment und technical data of ns Diamant Zouma Supreme+ S

The Diamant is available bei three sizes und was ridden über us in size L. With this, our test riders between 1.80 und 1.90 ns tall controlled equally well. You kann find Diamant’s size recommendations bei the table.

Frame sizeMLXL
recommended zum hight164–177 cm174–187 cm185–197 cm
recommended for inseam lenght78–82 cm81–86 cm86–90 cm

The frame and fork of the Diamant space made von carbon, i m sorry contributes to die low weight von 23.4 kg and is a real statement bei this preis range. With the Zouma Supreme+ S, Diamant take complete advantage des its affiliation with die Trek group. Ns frame comes from Trek itself, the stem with integrated cable routing, which makes weil das a tidy prior end, und the pro Carbon LowRiser handlebar from Bontrager, which also belongs kommen sie Trek. Ns handlebar looks good and plays a huge part bei the front’s very an excellent vibration damping. For contact points, Diamant depend on a Brooks Cambium all Weather saddle and Brooks Cambium lull grips. Both fit the bike’s entwurf very well, but the grips space uncomfortable regardless of their name und become fairly slippery v sweat or rain.

The Brooks saddle is comfortable …
… the handles uncomfortable and slippery wie wet.

For the gears und brakes, Diamant depend on robust contents from the mountain cycle sector und so ns MTB world meets that von S-pedelecs right here – i beg your pardon works very well and absolutely convinces united state from a power point of view. Die drivetrain is a Shimano DEORE XT which shifts through the gears quickly and precisely also under full load von the engine. Die highlight: that can so shift numerous gears simultaneously wie man upshifting – ideologen when speeding up from the traffic lights. The gear proportion fits an extremely well with die bike’s speed range des up zu 45 km/h.

The Shimano DEORE XT behind derailleur zu sein protected von a plate.

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The Shimano DEORE XT shifter kann shift multiple gears punkt once.
Ebike brake handle …
… meets MTB brake caliper.

Braking zu sein well modulated with the MAGURA MT5e, which combine a four-piston caliper from die MTB selection with the e bike specific brake lever. Die M99 PURE+ headlight comes from Supernova, is equipped v a daytime running light and in automatic short beam. It offers first-class illumination punkt all times, yet no high beam, as die headlights des the recent Supernova generation have. As weil das the tires, really voluminous semi-slicks space used, which look at good and offer decent grip. Indigenous splashing water und dirt protect ns chic aluminum mudguards, i m sorry have bei integrated cable routing, whereby ns cable of the brake light remains completely invisible. A typical luggage rack zu sein not to be found on die Zouma Supreme+ S. Instead, it depends on a lowrider aluminum rack zu which panniers tun können be enclosed on the side – this contributes to ns clean look and fits die concept of the bike. Only ns included pedals and stand fall visually and functionally an comparison with the otherwise very good equipment. Neither seems appropriate for the bike’s quality standard.

The Zouma Supreme+ s does without a classic luggage rack.
The gestanden is height-adjustable yet does not match ns high high quality feel of the Diamant.
The Supernova M99 PURE+ desk lamp provides an excellent illumination at night und visibility during die day.
Supernova M99 Tail light 45: Tail light und brake light in one.

Motor Bosch performance Line rate 85 NmBattery Bosch PowerTube 625 WhDisplay Bosch KioxSeatpost Bontrager SSRBrakes MAGURA MT5e Carbotecture 180/180 mmDrivetrain Shimano DEORE XT 1x11Stem Bontrager 90 mmHandlebar Bontrager zum Carbon LowRiser 690 mmWheelset Alexrims MD35Tires Schwalbe super Moto-X 27,5 x 2,4”

Technical Data

Size m L XLWeight 23.40 kgPerm. Total weight 136 kg Max. Payload (rider/equipment) 112.6 kg Trailer approval noKickstand mount yes

How the Zouma Supreme+ s rides

Let’s come straight to the point: die handling von the Diamant Zouma Supreme+ S is unparalleled an the S-pedelec segment! It is smooth and agile at ns same time, never ever seems nervous, ist always predictable and intuitive und thus create confidence. It has a stoic straight-running ability, which provides security, however can ausblüten be nimbly thrown approximately obstacles.


The cycle doesn’t have dampers, but ns carbon frame, along with die wide tires, carbon handlebars and seatpost, administer enough compliance at the front and rear zu filter out vibrations und minor impacts well. Larger impacts from potholes or curbs, on ns other hand, come through strongly. Ns comfort is completely sufficient for the bike’s range of use an daily commuting, yet it is too low zum long rides over damaged asphalt und gravel. Specifically on loose ground, even die wide semi-slick tires, i beg your pardon offer good grip on asphalt, then reach your limits. All controls are arranged dafür that sie never schutz to take your hands off die handlebars. This makes the controls really easy kommen sie use and also improves safety.


Who zu sein the Diamant Zouma Supreme+ s for?

First, let’s answer who die Zouma Supreme+ S ist not for: ns range is too low, especially in TURBO mode, zu ride lang tours on ns weekend und due to the non-existent suspension, it zu sein not made zum bumpy (gravel) roads. The Diamant Zouma Supreme+ S ist not allowed zu be moved on bike paths in some countries. Thus, weist least in these countries, it zu sein not the tonnage mile or city bike kommen sie meander with narrow alleys and pedestrian zones. That’s why us don’t see it as ns optimal bike to do your jeden tag shopping.

The Diamant ist made for in der nähe des commuting.

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But if you’re looking weil das a bike that gets you kommen sie work and back home quickly und safely every day, underlines your style between smart casual and business casual und is a last of fun, climate you’ll discover it here. Ns Zouma Supreme+ s does this job with paris colors. And by ns way, or completely consciously, freundin are make a declare with the bike: as bike commuters, you are not green-minded idealists – freundin are die self-confident masterminds des our society, agency executives, doers!

The Diamant Zouma Supreme+ s inspires us with its chic design and superior handling. Die S-pedelec impresses through a an effective motor, an extremely balanced handling und good brakes. This renders it a confident täglich driver zum commuters that don’t just oase the road as your goal, yet who actually want to make a difference. In short: one des the best 45 km/h bikes we’ve ridden dafür far.

Topsbalanced und intuitive handlingmodern sporty designhigh-quality und robust devices from the MTB sectorpowerful motorSupernova light system