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If she a football fan, chances are you’ll have at the very least one jersey from her team in your closet. I’m not saying that you’re notfall a ja wirklich fan if you don’t (jerseys space expensive!), but jersey collecting ist one von those things that provides football all ns more enjoyable.

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I myself have quite a big collection, began all ns way back in 2016. Over ns past five years, i have bought many jerseys, und have make a arsenal that I tun können be proud of. Let’s go down memory lane und see what jerseys I’ve accumulated over ns years, candlestick we?

Legend: H - Home, A - Away, samen - Champions League, G - Goalkeeper, s - one-of-a-kind Edition, t - Training

Bayern Munich

16/17 - H, A(21 LAHM), S

My zuerst ever bayerisch jersey was ns home austrian from ns 2016/17 season. A last of civilization hate on ns collar, but i like the subtle scorseses stripes, and the white shorts. Ich remember wearing the jersey ~ above my zuerst ever visit zu the koalitionsteile Arena an 2017. Great times, an excellent times. Sadly, i ended up ruining the jersey by flocking it v generic number font quite than bayerisch font. It ausblüten hangs on mine wall, just facing die front.

Remember the “For ns Oceans” special planke Parley kit? I also got that later that year.

I deshalb got the away kit weil das that season, but not weil das another couple of years. I only gott it because ich saw a really good deal on the internet. Believe it or not, it was on sale weil das $10(!), and it was legit, dafür I gott it. I got it flocked with philip Lahm’s name and number, as it was his last season with ns club.

17/18 - H(LAHM 21), H(LEWANDOWSKI 9), H(WAGNER 2), A(MÜLLER 25), C(ROBBEN 10), G(NEUER 1)

This zu sein the one of the only two periods I oase all four jerseys that were released the season. The zuerst home shirt and the goalkeeper österreichisch were both to buy on mine trip to Munich. I zuerst got ns goalkeeper shirt, und got it significant with my favourite player in Manuel Neuer, who was sadly hurt at the time. I blieb got to lakers him come out kommen sie receive his Bundesliga medal, though. The home österreichisch I gott after watching captain Lahm beat his belastung ever game(4-1 vs Hamburg) bei it. I couldn’t obtain a pre-flocked one, since evidently ich wasn’t ns only one who was looking kommen sie get a Lahm shirt at ns megastore after the game, deshalb they were marketed out. Ich had kommen sie get it flocked at die counter.

The away austrian I bought bei New york as a birthday gift for myself, but ich didn’t acquire it flocked for a while. Ns second home shirt I bought on another Munich trip. Robert Lewandowski had actually scored a hat trick bei the game i was at(6-0 mit Hamburg), so naturally I gott his shirt to celebrate. I so got my away austrian flocked while ich was at die megastore.

The third österreichisch I bought and flocked at ns megastore throughout yet another trip zu Munich. I so got an additional home shirt because it was another good deal on the internet, and I flocked it with Sandro Wagner’s name und number in Munich. Funny fact, i missed my train to berlin while flocking that shirt, but i managed kommen sie catch up kommen sie it hinweisen Nürnberg. What in adventure.


This season starts v a sad story. I bought my first home österreichisch of die season with james Rodriguez’ name und number, and wore that at the DFB-Pokal final in Berlin. We ended trost losing zu Eintracht Frankfurt, and it was one of the worst nights von my life. Sigh…

I gott my following two shirts an New York, where i was going kommen sie school. Die away kit ich bought just for the heck of it. I know, why buy together a hideous shirt, right? ich bought the after we shed a game, if I’m not mistaken. Bad game method a badewanne shirt. My 2nd home kit was a long sleeve one I got on schwarz Friday. Both kits I gott marked in Munich again, one Lewandowski und one Neuer. Why did i get neuer flocked ~ above a home shirt? Because i played an goal attract that österreichisch - it really helps to wear a lang sleeve shirt if you’re a goalkeeper.

During said trip kommen sie Munich, i bought an additional home shirt to celebrate the 1-0 win versus RB leipzig that i was happy enough kommen sie watch. Die FC bayerisch Erlebniswelt(club museum) was having a unique exhibition on our beloved Jupp Heynckes, deshalb I gott his name and number, despite die fact the he never ever played weil das us.

The final home austrian was purchased on my many recent trip zu Munich. It was right after ~ Franck Ribéry’s last home game, deshalb I got my zuerst ever Ribéry shirt. I could have gotten his new austrian for die upcoming season, since we had played our tonnage game attract the neu kit, however I gott the old kit zum two reasons. One, i had watched Ribéry score three goals in two games while wearing that kit, and I was lucky enough zu be bei the stadium when he did. Two, the alt kit was cheaper due zu clearance sales. Can’t overlook that.

Oh, und there’s also the cultivate top. It was a sporadic purchase, yet it looks good.


Wow, I got a last of shirts indigenous this season, didn’t I? 10 shirts native one season, that’s got to it is in a record. Let’s anfang from ns top.

The first home austrian I got at ns club megastore, ~ Arjen siegel scored his tonnage ever goal zum us. It was one von those unique flocked jerseys with wenig pictures on the numbers, celebrating Robben’s glorious 10-year spell with FCB. A few days later, i was wearing said austrian at ns Olympiastadion in Berlin, watching us wash away die pain von the vault year von winning die DFB-Pokal final.

I got my next three shirts an New York. The first away kit throughout a labor Day sale, the other during another sale, und the erste third kit for my birthday. Ns funny thing is, all 3 kits are marked with ns wrong font, every from ns previous season. Ns away kits both oase dark blue numbers quite than ns silver of 19/20, und the third kit was marked with the white house kit flock of 18/19 together well. Why? i couldn’t zum the life von me uncover a location that had the current season’s flocking. Ich had kommen sie run every around manhattan city to flock my der dritte tag kit. But all’s well the ends well.

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The following three kits i got an December 2019, from die club’s online shop. I gott Javi Martínez’ österreichisch because ich always favored him, and, true story, i saw a video featuring him bei a glasses geschäft window just around the corner from my dorm. Really. I so got a Müller shirt because i realized ich had never gott a müller home shirt before, und a Neuer austrian because, well, it had actually been a while due to the fact that I’d purchase a goalkeeper shirt. Ns wearing ns former while writing this piece.

I bought die rest des that season’s shirt whilst quarantining an Brooklyn. It was a an extremely tough period des my life, and getting those shirts make it nur a bit easier. The zuerst one I gott was ns special auflage 120-year anniversary kit the we had actually worn an the 2-0 home win mit Augsburg. I deshalb bought another der dritte tag kit because i wanted one with ns correct orange flock. Finally, I got another house kit with our breakout stern Alphonso Davies’ name and number, which come a few days before i headed home zum Korea.

What a season that was. 10 shirts. It just deswegen happened kommen sie be ours treble-winning season.


If die previous season collection a record weil das most shirts an a single season, this season set a record zum most purchases des the same shirt, v a whopping five. The zuerst one was bought while ich was in Brooklyn, v Lewandowski making ns home shirt for the zuerst time bei three years. I wore that shirt while watching the DFB-Pokal final, die Champions organization final, the two super Cups, die Club welt Cup final, und the Bundesliga title decider ns following year. Us won all six games.

The second home kit ist a special kit v Champions organization winners flocking on ns front und back. It was a birthday present for me. Ns third was a bye tribute to Martínez, who left hinweisen the end of the season. I so got a lang sleeve version, soon zu be marked with Neuer’s 1. Finally, I gott a blank kit just because i liked the kit so much. The latter three kits all oase the Club welt Champions badge on die chest.

There’s a reason ich bought so many house shirts from this season. That officially the most successful kit an Bayern’s long and rich history, having been worn an seven location deciding matches and won every einzel one. The was ns center stone von a glorious sextuple, plus one more Bundesliga title. Heck, also the frauen won ns league bei this shirt. A jersey choose that deserves zu be immortalized.

I deshalb got die away kit tonnage Christmas, zu commemorate our 8-2 victory over Barcelona wearing that kit. It’s notfall marked yet, yet I’m thinking von getting müller on die back, considering just how well that played in that game.


10/11 A, 16/17 H, 16/17 A(NEUER 1), 18/19 H(KLOSE 11), 18/19 A(KOREA 20), 18/19 G(NEUER 1), 19/21 H, 20/21 A(KLOSE 11)

Obviously, my Germany kit collection is not as considerable as my bayerisch collection, yet it’s ausblüten something special. I gott the 16/17 away kit, die dark green/gray one the won die silver medal at the Olympics, nur after ns Olympics ended. I gott the residence kit that year together well, together a birthday gift. Die disastrous 18/19 season’s kits I gott all three, lord knows why. That world Cup was one to forget. But i did schutz some fun with the away kit, flocking it with the word KOREA, und the numbers 2 and 0. I’ll leave it to you to figure out what that means...wink.

The next home kit I gott as shortly as it was released, and although it has actually some badewanne memories to its name, that was deshalb worn during an average euro campaign the I’m notfall too displeased with, und it was worn in all 4 matches that Hansi Flick has worked his magic in so far. That’s something positive. Ns away kit ich just gott because it looks deswegen darn cool, and it was worn an that memorable game versus Hungary at ns Euros. Hope Flick can work his magic an another video game wearing that kit together well.

My favourite Germany kit I schutz as des now, though, is the glorious jet black and gold 10/11 away kit. I gott it ~ above eBay, and man, it was worth it. Ich remember my erste ever Germany game, watching lock wearing that sleek kit und blowing personally Argentina at the 2010 world Cup. That a kit that brings zurück a gewächs of memories, and I love it.

You’ll schutz noticed that I have a few kits through Miroslav Klose’s name and number. Well, he deserves that recognition, he’s Germany’s all time leading goalscorer, notfall to mention the World Cup’s every time top goalscorer together well.


16/17 echt Madrid H(RONALDO 7), 16/17 Barcelona H(MESSI 10)

These two I got to honor the two greatest ever players i’ve seen an my life. They may notfall be mine favorites, but they are historic players, and I assumed they warranted a purchase.

Surprisingly enough, ich don’t have a einzel Korea jersey. But oase you watched Korea’s present jerseys? castle hideous. They make ns mint kit look hilfreich decent, and that’s saying something. Hopefully at some point Nike will come up with a kit that’s in reality worth safety on. Take a look:

Photo von Mohammad Karamali/DeFodi images via getty Images On acquisition List

Bayern 21/22 A, 11/13 H, 13/14 H, Germany 14/15 H

These are ns kits i don’t schutz yet, but have full intention von getting in the close to future. First, this season’s bayerisch away kit, adorned with Hansi Flick’s farewell and Lewandowski’s goalscoring record.

Photo über Stefan Matzke - sampics/Corbis via getty Images The bayerisch home kit indigenous 11 zu 13, ns glorious gelb flocked treble kit, und the Wembley final winning 13/14 residence kit are deshalb on my list.

picture by boris Streubel/Getty bild
Photo über Ian MacNicol/Getty images Finally, Germany’s 14/15 welt Cup winning kit is in my mind as well. All historical kits, und all an extremely worth every penny. The only question is which do ich get first...

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so this ist my jersey collection deswegen far. A total of 41 shirts, through a couple more on ns way. Die collection will only acquire bigger as time goes by, and I wonder exactly how many much more kits wollen be bought, und how many much more memories möchte be made. Every kit zu sein special, und every kit has a memory or more. Ns proud von my collection, und I hope the I can be even prouder von what it wollen become. Long live my collection, und long direkte Bayern und Die Mannschaft (and Korea!).