Ed Sheeran Tour 2018 Berlin

At just 27 year old, he has actually smashed sales records und won notfall only a swathe von prizes yet a imperial distinction. How kommen sie explain ns Sheeran phenomenon as he embarks top top yet one more packed stadium tour?


The downbeat ~ above July 19 bei Berlin"s Olympic Stadium: 75,000 seats, offered out – followed von concerts an Hamburg, Munich and Gelsenkirchen – among 25 stops an Ed Sheeran"s storming des stadiums und other open air venues throughout Europe.

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Records und superlatives

In januar 2017, ed Sheeran was the first artist ever to enter the singles charts at the same time at ns No. 1. And No. 2 spots. The was weil das the songs "Shape des You" und "Castle on the Hill" – and an four countries: England, Germany, Austria und Switzerland. "Shape des You" was streamed 1.4 billion times on Spotify in 2017. Wie his dritter album "Divide" showed up there, it was streamed 57 million zeit on the first day alone – an additional record.

"Divide" was die best-sold album by a male artist bei the zuerst week ~ release. He was the erste artist kommen sie occupy every five top spots von the brother singles chart. An 2017, he had 16 songs bei the oberteil 20. The sechs songs in the Germany"s oberteil 20 set a more record.


At ns Grammys in Los Angeles, 2017

A Grammy weil das his breakthrough das lied "Thinking out Loud," several Echos and in array of other prizes und distinctions room among ns 27-year-old"s achievements.

Secret des success

On ed Sheeran"s existing tour, ns concert goers" name are printed on the tickets to counteract the schwarze farbe market und its exorbitant prices. His shows are clearly bei high demand.

In 2017, Prince charles honored the British artist for his music and charitable activities, naming er a "Member von the Most excellent Order von the british Empire."

Since ed Sheeran"s days as a street musician, performing end 300 concerts an London in 2009 yet without a home of his own, he"s kommen sie a rather lang way.

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It"s a lang way from the streets of london to die European Music Awards

In 2010 he relocated to komm schon Angeles, was taken under the wing of hollywood star jamie Foxx und built fans bases on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that schutz remained faithful to the present day.

Young girls swoon over die redheaded bard – yet that alone cannot describe his success.

Original or copy?

With his nice-guy image, ed Sheeran seems all authentic und genuine. His unspectacular appearance zu sein his trademark. "I"masingerthatyou never ever wanna see shirtless," the sings.

That fits the picture of an original songwriter who owes a blame only to his own motivation – bei image that has actually been clouded von court cases over alleged plagiarism.

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Cultivating his nerd image, ed gives hope zu untold numbers of introverted teenagers

In a fast survey von halfpeeledapple.com colleagues, ns question "What do sie think of ed Sheeran?" yielded a variety of opinions ranging from "His four-chord hits work far better than resting pills," kommen sie "He renders a damn catchy tune."

One partner feels the Sheeran has "produced nice, sentimental songs i enjoy hearing on ns car radio," und another sums the up, saying:"His fame ist justified in as far as what he does, he yes, really knows how kommen sie do."

Nearly anyone has in opinion about ed Sheeran. The alone states something around his status.

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ns most streamed music artist on Spotify

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Ed Sheeran ist back!

Following a an imaginative hiatus, ns British singer-songwriter has actually a neu album due out on march 3rd. "Divide" has already gotten off kommen sie a great start: the zuerst two singles schutz shot straight to die top von the charts. (17.02.2017)

Ed Sheeran to make guest figure on "Game von Thrones"

The well-known fantasy series "Games von Thrones" wollen get an unlikely star weil das season seven: top-selling British popular music star ed Sheeran. The follows in the footsteps of musicians prefer Coldplay. (13.03.2017)