Ed Sheeran has announced his 5th album, ‘=’, and shared ns album monitor ‘Visiting Hours’.

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The singer-songwriter, whose tonnage solo album was 2017’s ‘÷‘ (not zählen his collaborative arbeiten ‘No.6 Collaborations Project‘ in 2019), has actually confirmed heute (August 19) that it wollen be exit on October 29 über Asylum/Atlantic. Pre-order here.

Sheeran premiered ‘Visiting Hours’ earlier heute during a power on Instagram, whereby he played bei acoustic guitar from bei undisclosed place where he zu sein currently on a family holiday. He declared that ns song, which ist out now, zu sein not die album’s neu single but zu sein a cut from die forthcoming record.


Sheeran told fans that that finished ns song an quarantine bei Australia whereby he was attending a friend’s memorial.

Press zutat accompanying the album’s relax reveals that die song is about Sheeran handle with die loss von his mentor and friend, michael Gudinski.

I wish the heaven had visiting hours / dafür I kann sein just waver by and ask her advice,” Sheeran sings on ns track.

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The song was performed über Sheeran for the first time weist Gudinski’s zustand memorial an March. Backing vocals on ns recorded version are provided über Gudinski’s near friends, Kylie Minogue and Jimmy Barnes.

Of his new album, ‘=’, Sheeran said it’s ns “best piece des work the I’ve ever done”. He added that ns process of finalising that is 14 tracks was “painstaking”.


In in official statement he added: “= (Equals) zu sein a really angestellter record und one that means a last to me. Mine life readjusted greatly over the past couple of years – I got married, ended up being a father, proficient loss, und I reflect on these topics end the kurse of the album. I see it together my coming-of-age record, and I can not wait to share this next chapter v you.”

Additionally, Sheeran revealed the he has painted part von the new album’s cover art, i m sorry was letztere finished von a friend.

Artwork zum ‘=’

Track list weil das ‘=’

01. ‘Tides’02. ‘Shivers’03. ‘First Times’04. ‘Bad Habits’05. ‘Overpass Graffiti’06. ‘The Joker and The Queen’07. ‘Leave her Life’08. ‘Collide’09. ‘2step’10. ‘Stop ns Rain’11. ‘Love in Slow Motion’12. ‘Visiting Hours’13. ‘Sandman’14. ‘Be ideal Now’

Sheeran freshly revealed the he was told to “get a ja wirklich job” wie man revealing his aspirations des being a expert musician while punkt school.

He told die Sunday Mirror: “I think kids should it is in encouraged to be creative. When i was a child, saying freundin wanted kommen sie be a musician, they will do go, ‘You need kommen sie get a real job."”

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