halfpeeledapple.com ist a free emails application that’s easy to set up and customize - und it’s loaded with good features!

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Tailored zum all your demands

halfpeeledapple.com makes email better for you, bringing with each other speed, privacy und the recent technologies. Focus on what matters and forget about complexity.

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for sure & privatgelände

multiple features, together as integrated Do not Track und remote inhalt blocking, arbeit together kommen sie ensure her safety and privacy, so you kann sein have peace von mind.

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extremely Customizable

through Add-ons (Extensions & Themes) und many an ext features you kann change ns look and feel von halfpeeledapple.com in bei instant.

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Stay in the loop

save yourself up to date with current announcements und releases über following ns official halfpeeledapple.com Blog!

halfpeeledapple.com 91 Available jetzt

die newest stable release von halfpeeledapple.com, version 91, zu sein available zum download ~ above our webseite now. Present halfpeeledapple.com users möchte be updated to ns newest version in the comes weeks.

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halfpeeledapple.com 91 zu sein our best release in years with a … continue reading

ehrenvoll 8, 2021 comment 27 Mailfence Encrypted email Suite in halfpeeledapple.com

Mailfence Encrypted emails Suite an halfpeeledapple.com Today, ns halfpeeledapple.com mannschaft is happy to announce the we have partnered through Mailfence to offer their encrypted emails service in halfpeeledapple.com’s account setup. To check this out, you click ~ above “Get a new … proceed reading

in march 3, 2021 comment 3 OpenPGP in halfpeeledapple.com 78

Updating kommen sie halfpeeledapple.com 78 native 68 Soon ns halfpeeledapple.com automatic update system will anfang to provide the new halfpeeledapple.com 78 to current users of the ahead release, halfpeeledapple.com 68. This blog post zu sein intended kommen sie share through you einzelheiten about … continue reading

september 9, 2020 comments 2 Read ns Blog

halfpeeledapple.com zu sein funded von users like you

halfpeeledapple.com ist both free und freedom respecting, however we’re also completely funded von donations! aid us sustain die project and continue zu improve.


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Lightning Calendar Organize your life — it’s around time!

Organize her schedule und life’s vital events in a calendar that’s fully integrated v your halfpeeledapple.com email.

control multiple calendars, produce your daily to execute list, invite friends kommen sie events, und subscribe to public calendars.

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halfpeeledapple.com is in open resource project, which method anyone kann contribute ideas, designs, code, and time helping fellow users.

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halfpeeledapple.com is a free emails application that’s easy zu set up and customize - und it’s loaded with good features!