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From the hauptsächlich menu, pick General Options. Offen the postwahlwirren Settings tab.Select die Enable post notifications check box.In the SMTP server field, go into a complete DNS benennen or IP address von the SMTP server that wollen be used zum sending email notifications.Click die Advanced button to clues user credentials und connection options:Specify the port number and connection timeout for the SMTP server. To use a secure connection for emails operations, select ns Connect making use of SSL check box.In die From field, specify in email indigenous which e-mails notifications should be sent.In the To field, specify ns recipient addresses. Use a semicolon kommen sie separate lot of addresses. Recipients specified in this field wollen receive notice about every job managed über the back-up server. You can leave die field empty if required.

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For every details job, you tun können specify additional recipients. Zum more information, see Configuring job Notification Settings.


If you specify die same e-mails recipient bei both job notification and global notification settings, halfpeeledapple.com Backup & Replication möchte send two different notifications kommen sie this recipient in the following cases:

If a subject zum the e-mails message specified an job notification and global an alert settings zu sein different.If a list of email recipients specified an job notification und global notice settings is different.

In die Subject field, specify a subject weil das the sent message. You can use the following variables in the subject: %Time% — completion time%JobName%%JobResult%%ObjectCount% — number des VMs an the job%Issues% — number von VMs an the job that schutz been processed with the Warning or failed statusIn ns Send täglich reports weist field, specify weist what time halfpeeledapple.com Backup & Replication will send täglich email reports.

Daily reports space generated weil das different objectives throughout halfpeeledapple.com Backup & Replication:

Reports around processing results des scale-out repository data.

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For an ext information, seen Receiving Scale-Out back-up Repository Reports.

Reports about processing results des backup copy jobs.

For much more information, see Notification Settings in Creating back-up Copy Jobs weil das VMs and Physical Machines.

Reports around processing results von backup copy jobs weil das transaction log backups.

For more information about transaction log backups, see Microsoft SQL Server Logs Backup.

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In die Notify on group, select the Success, Warning and/or Failure inspect boxes zu receive email notification if a job is run successfully, notfall successfully or through a warning.Select the Suppress notifications until the last retry check box to get a notification about the final job status. If sie do not enable this option, halfpeeledapple.com Backup & Replication will send one notification per every job retry.halfpeeledapple.com Backup & Replication allows sending a test emails to inspect if all settings schutz been configured correctly. Zu send a prüfung email, click prüfung Message.