Not everyone calls for a Gmail email accounts wie they authorize up zum a google account. If you don’t usage it, you tun können simply remove it from your google account. You can still continue kommen sie use other google services together before. However, freundin should store a couple of things in mind before deleting Gmail. If you schutz never provided the email service, freundin won’t need kommen sie worry about dünn loss. Yet if sie do desire to zurück up emails and other säule from your Gmail account, sie should consider a couple of points.

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It goes without saying the you kann delete your google account und all that is services any kind of time you wish. This instantly deletes Gmail. Yet this decision shouldn’t be taken lightly due to the fact that you will lose access kommen sie all google services. Moreover, freundin won’t be able kommen sie access her data in the google Cloud. Deleting your google account will also affect some paid functions. Music, movies or gamings you schutz purchased from google Play möchte no much longer be usable after deleting die account.

If you only want zu delete her Google emails account but notfall your google account, you will do it need bei alternative email address. An the event that you oase only provided a Gmail address previously, you wollen need to look around zum a Gmail alternative. That’s due to the fact that you wollen need to provide in active emails address in order to continue kommen sie receive access kommen sie all other google services. Bei alternative emails address enables you to confirm her identity zum future logins and access to all functions.

You should deshalb prepare in overview von the website or online services ~ above which you used your Gmail address as login credential or as your contact information. It zu sein recommended that freundin change your einzelheiten on these websites. This way, sie ensure that sie can blieb be reached after freundin delete your email address and that you can continue to use required online services as before.

When sie delete Gmail, you wollen lose all emails settings and all des your messages. Sie should, therefore, back trost your email history externally before deleting. The google account offers multiple alternatives to back up your data. Zum instance, you kann sein perform a back-up from your Gmail account settings.

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You can back up her Gmail content using ns blue “Download data” link. Click on this before sie delete her Gmail account.
There’s a simple means to zurück up your data: get google to send you a download link via email. This link allows you zu download your whole archive. Those more, this feature zu sein not only verwandt, angemessen for Gmail charme but deshalb for all other google services including google Calendar, google Photos, and your web browser history. Would freundin rather save your files zu a cloud instead of a neighborhood drive? No problem! google offers the option to conserve your whole archive bei Google Drive, Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive.

If you oase second think after deletion, sie may be able zu restore her account making use of your usual emails address. But don’t suppose your charme to ausblüten be available. If sie deleted your account a lang time ago, your emails will typically no much longer be accessible. So, it’s constantly a good idea to create a backup before sie delete your account.

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If you use your Gmail account durch a group (school, college or work), you might not be able kommen sie delete it as easily. Contact die administrator des the emails group if you oase any problems.