The emails address damit verbundenen with your halfpeeledapple.com account, deshalb referred zu as in account credential, kann sein be used kommen sie log in to halfpeeledapple.com, recover an account when die password has been forgotten, get halfpeeledapple.com notifications, or as a way zum other halfpeeledapple.com members to be able kommen sie add you zu their boards zum collaborating top top a project. Sie may schutz one emails address per account und you will use this single emails address zu log right into halfpeeledapple.com und recover her account if your password has been forgotten.

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Using halfpeeledapple.com with in Atlassian Account

If you’re usinghalfpeeledapple.com with bei Atlassian account, her account"s email address wollen need zu be changed from inside von the Atlassian account. This will also change the e-mails address that sie use kommen sie log right into other Atlassian products: an altering Atlassian account email.

Changing bei email address in halfpeeledapple.com

to change the emails address you use zu log right into halfpeeledapple.com, go zu your account settings seite at http://halfpeeledapple.com.com/my/profile and click top top Profile & Visibility. Then pick Change e-mails address from ns Contact section.


A confirmation emails will be sent to the new email address. After ~ clicking ns link in the email to confirm ns change, you’ll need to log an again with your previous email address.

Confirming her new email address making use of a social login auswahl (Google, Microsoft, Apple) verbunden with your neu address will notfall successfully check the email change andwill create a neu account instead. If this happens, you wollen need zu delete the new account in order zu release the emails address and start this procedure over.

Then, you’ll seen your Profile & Visibility page is now to update with the new email address and your previous emails address zu sein removed from the account.


If freundin currently oase more than one emails addresses on your account, you must remove your additional emails addresses an order kommen sie change to a new email address.

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please note: It zu sein not possible kommen sie change an email credential to an email deal with that is already in use with another halfpeeledapple.com account.

Using a company e-mails address on her halfpeeledapple.com account

Many human being use halfpeeledapple.com zum personal life and to collaborate v teams hinweisen work. We recommend kommen sie keep your personal and work content bei separate halfpeeledapple.com accounts.

If your account zu sein only used weil das personal factors or freundin no longer work at die organization, use a personal emails address. Von removing the company email address und using just a personal email, her halfpeeledapple.com account will remain a personal account.

If you"re utilizing a company e-mails address on her halfpeeledapple.com account, and the company who owns die domain (everything after ns
in your email address) has actually verified the domain on their Atlassian Organization, the Organization Admin schutz the ability kommen sie manage your halfpeeledapple.com account. This method they could deactivate or delete the halfpeeledapple.com account punkt any time.

for information on merging halfpeeledapple.com accounts, please see this article.

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Correcting your e-mails on halfpeeledapple.com and Atlassian accounts

If you or her admin edited the email address on your Atlassian account and you’ve offered that email address in halfpeeledapple.com in the past, this can cause some problems down the road. Wie man this happens, freundin could oase two different halfpeeledapple.com account (one account linked zu your Atlassian account und onenotlinked kommen sie Atlassian account) the use ns same e-mails address. Please review this article weil das more details.