Lots des people like zu use call forms on your site. Yet there may be instances where you’d want to provide a linked email address too, either showing die actual e-mails address (like ) or part text of your choosing (like call me).

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Doing either ist pretty easy. You just need zu know the simple code.


Creating e-mails Links

Creating e-mails links zu sein basically nur like do a regular link, but instead des putting http:// in front, freundin would use mailto:

For example, instead von linking , you would link mailto:

The complete HTML weil das the over would be die following …

">My verknüpfung TextOf course, if sie wanted to nur the e-mails address chin (but ausblüten link zu it), die HTML would certainly look like this …

"> you could even use the verknüpfung function bei the WordPress editor to help sie build your links. A normalerweise link zu sein created through http:// …


When the pops up, nur delete ns http:// und use mailto: instead.


You can deshalb pre-populate the emails with a topic line über appending die info after the email address prefer this (beginning with the question mark):

?Subject=Hello%20There!">My verknüpfung Text(Note: die characters “%20” above gives sie space bolzen the two words “Hello” and “There!”)

What about Spam?

When you put your e-mails address out there deshalb nakedly, you may be opening yourself up kommen sie more spam.

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In order zu combat that, there are email encoder plugins you can use. There space some who question ns effectiveness of such encoding (depending top top what kind it is). Und spammers are adjusting all ns time, dafür it’s a matte of continuing to be ahead des them. Yet some oase found success with such plugins. You kann sein test them the end yourself.

One such plugin zu sein the emails Encoder Bundle. While this plugin comes v a number von different options, including a form that möchte help freundin generate your e-mails links, it möchte automatically get in action wie man activated, encoding mailto links like those over into gibberish.

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One tonnage tip…

If you mostly use Gmail for email, consider using emails forwarding kommen sie protect your Gmail deal with from being spammed. Our e-mails hosting leistungen lets freundin send bei email indigenous m, forward it zu , and configure Gmail zu ‘send as’ .

What do sie think around linking in email address in WordPress? Let us know an the comments!