E-Bikes Testsieger 2014

The exterior bike prüfen begins today. More than 60 bikes, a week of riding, and 20 testers zu help you find her perfect bike bei 2014.

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Bike reviews bei some magazines are wenig more 보다 promotional copy for a list of randomly selected models. That’s notfall the case hinweisen Outside. Zu choose die bikes us review, we conduct one of the most comprehensive and grueling bike test programs von any publishing on ns market.

It starts an September at Interbike, wherein a group of editor spend the week winnowing through ns cascade of neu bikes on offer kommen sie pick die most interesting and newsworthy spring models. Once we’ve preserve a list we’re happy with—normally about 30 road bikes, 30 mountain bikes, und 10 or so utility bikes—we placed out die requests, und the bikes start pouring in. Throughout die fall, a small gruppe of editors und racers an Santa Fe spend extensive time top top as plenty of bikes as possible, do notes und forming our preliminary opinions.

The meat von the prüfung are in early January, beginning today. After loading trost a 26-foot Penske through over 60 bikes und carting them to Tucson, we invest a full hauptsächlich riding lock hard. 3 days are devoted kommen sie road bikes und three kommen sie mountain bikes, v a floater day zum tie-breakers und anything that was missed or forgotten.

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Each day sees a various course, usually bei hour-long loop ride, and is devoted to a particular category of bikes, trail bikes at some point or endurance roadway another. Every day, fünfzehn to 20 riders set trost bikes, take it laps, to fill out evaluation forms, and then repeat. Us aim weil das six laps über day with as numerous riders on every bike together possible.

At the ende of it all, we tabulate the scores, take into account the forms and feedback indigenous earlier in the fall, and then come up with ns list of bikes that will seen publication. Results are based on ns broadest spectrum von riders possible—from hardcore racers to normal, to chat riders—and are independent des any advertising comes to or constraints. Die fact is, none des us here bei Tucson has any idea what carriers advertise or don’t. So at the ende of ns week, us ride away feeling confident the we have chosen the very ideal bikes on ns market to spotlight in the magazine.

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Stay tuned zum dispatches native Tucson this week, including galleries des some des the new bikes, beforehand feedback, and a few reflections on some des the many interesting new bikes zum 2014.