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Electric bicycle - enjoy serene bike tours

The electrical bike is a comfortable means von transportation on 2 wheels. Die auxiliary journey ensures the you can cycle relaxed even on complicated terrain und without your very own muscle power.

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The assistant drive ist a an effective battery, which frequently convinces with an output of up zu 60 kilometers. Ns electric bike has a sturdy frame, is robust and can be perfectly adjusted zu its own size. It uses a high level of comfort und invites kommen sie some beautiful to ride bicycle tours.


Battery completely charged already after 3,8 hrs Headlamp v daytime to run light and parking light role 30 gears Battery removable



NameElectric bike E-Bike Bulls environment-friendly Mover Lavida add to Trapeze 615 Wh Women"s BicycleElectric bike e-bike HAIBIKE SDURO HardSevenElectric cycle E-Bike POWERPAC - mountainbike 26Electric cycle NCM (Prague) 27,5 inch hill bike E-MTB e-bikeElectric bike AsVIVA E-Bike 36V stärke Pedelec urgent bikePriceCheck priceCheck priceCheck priceCheck priceCheck pricecomparison resultNote on ns comparative grade

Typetouring bikeMountain bikeMountain bicycle Mountain bikefolding bike frame size28 customs 27,5 inch26 inch 27,5 inch20 customs frame height45 cm40 cm 50 cm 48 centimeter 36 cm EngineRear wheel hub motormid-engineRear wheel hub motiv RX2 rear-wheel drive motorRear wheel hub motiv AccumulatorLithium Ion Battery (36 Volt)Lithium Ion Battery (36 Volt)Lithium Ion Battery (36 Volt)Lithium-NCM battery (36 Volt)Lithium Manganese Battery (36 Volt)Total weight135 kg (of i m sorry bicycle 25 kg)120 Kg (of i beg your pardon 21,2 bicycle)144 kg (of i m sorry bicycle 24 kg)122 kg (of i m sorry bicycle 22 kg)123 kg (of i beg your pardon bicycle 23 kg)CircuitShimano Deore XT 30-gear derailleurShimano Deore ns 591, 9-gear derailleur 7 equipment Shimano derailleurShimano Altus 3x7 gearshiftShimano 6 gear derailleurtiresSchwalbe marathon Plus reise with combined puncture protectionSchwalbe Rapid rob SV valve26 "x 1.95 KendaSchwalbe SMART brunnen 27,5 "* 2,2520 inch (no manufacturer specified)ReachTo 150 km 130 kmTo 100 km To 80 km To 100 kmMax. Speed25 km/h25 km/h25 km/h 25 km/h 25 km/hAdvantages Battery fully charged currently after 3,8 hours Headlamp v daytime running light and parking light role 30 gears Battery removable Multifunction display from Yamaha Porter obtainable hydraulic disc brake removable battery Tool collection included hydraulic disc brakes traction LCD Display LCD display screen traction removable battery Battery completely charged after ~ 4 hrs 6 journey stages Porter had traction 6 assistance levels removable battery collapsibleSummaryThe Bulls environment-friendly Mover Lavida plus trapeze trekking bike zum women has a rechargeable battery that tun können be quickly loaded in the apartment an no time weist all. Through a range of up to 150 km, it ist sufficient to recharge die battery only once a week, even on daily trips. Only ns high weight turns out to be a boy drawback wie man used in the city.The HAIBIKE SDURO HardSeven e-bike is distinguished by its contemporary drive und the had multifunction display. V this, the driver has at any time manage over die kilometers traveled, the time or ns battery level. Whether in the ar or in the stadt with this men"s bike, the 130 km range tun können easily startseite even larger distances.

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The POWERPAC - mountainbike 26 PEDELEC electric WHEEL offers an excellent support an town and bei the ar thanks to die included engine. When braking is in automatic shutdown, i m sorry ensures brief braking distances.The NCM Prague 27,5 inch electric bicycle hill bike zu sein suitable with 6 journey stages zum all types des soil in the stadt and in the area. Over die existing ECO stage, ns support ist reduced über the engine und thus increases ns range.

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The AsVIVA electrical bike e-bike 36V energie Pedelec folding bike requires, since it tun können be folded v a couple of simple steps, just very little space. With 6 aid levels und traction help, this e-bike zu sein the ideologen bike zum all green journeys within the city.To the amazonas offer