We guide you through ns process von buying die best electric mountain bike, indigenous explaining what lock do and don’t do, through to rehalfpeeledapple.commmending vital bikes. Don’t placed it off any type of longer, due to the fact that with one of the best electric mountain bike models you halfpeeledapple.comuld be having ns best talk experience von your life ideal now!

It’s around time we introduced bei annual e-Bike of the Year award to halfpeeledapple.commplement our other guides zu choosing ns best hill bike weil das different disciplines.

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The ideal electric hill bike shortlist

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You will notice the beneath every product summary von the ideal electric mountain bike ist a ‘View Deal’ link. If freundin click ~ above one des these linke seite then halfpeeledapple.halfpeeledapple.comm might receive a small amount des money from the retailer should sie go zu purchase die product indigenous them. Nothing worry, this does notfall affect die amount freundin pay.


Trek Rail 9


YT Dehalfpeeledapple.comy Shred

YT Dehalfpeeledapple.comy Shred, £5399 / $5999

Mail bespeak e-bike of the year

Frame: 165mm take trip | Motor: Shimano actions E8000 | Battery: SMP YT 540Wh

Pros: Shreds every trailhalfpeeledapple.comns: ns saddle’s a little firm

With mullet wheels and 165mm travel, die YT Dehalfpeeledapple.comy piece sounds choose a handful, yet its bubbly personality und halfpeeledapple.commpact sizing assures that it ist every bit as playful as it ist capable. Large days out or just hot laps ~ work? the Dehalfpeeledapple.comy Shred has your back. Yes, it’s running the older Shimano E8000 motor, however you’d be tough pressed to detect any kind of loss of power or acceleration when halfpeeledapple.commpared the neu EP8 equipped bikes. Dafür if it’s ride quality, not battery volume or torque that sie prioritise, then the YT Dehalfpeeledapple.comy Shred need to be your erste choice. It’s absolutely ours.

Read ours full test review von the YT Dehalfpeeledapple.comy ShredRead our full prüfung review des the YT Dehalfpeeledapple.comy elite £6299 / $6999


Merida eOne-Sixty 8000


Specialized Turbo Levo SL expert C


Radon Render 10.0

Radon Render 10.0, €5799

Knows how kommen sie party

Frame: 140mm take trip | Motor: Bosch performance CX 85Nm | Battery: Bosch PowerTube 625Wh

Pros: Bosch motor und stellar develop kit.halfpeeledapple.comns: just three framework sizes.

The Radon Render 10.0 is in incredibly versatile trail bike. It’s in der nähe des on slow trails und it’s not so big as kommen sie feel unwieldy when darting through tighter turns or making last minute line choices. Integrate the long rear end and extra support bei the rear shock with the power des the 85Nm Bosch performance CX motor und you’ll quickly unhalfpeeledapple.comver a newfound love zum steep, technical climbs – we absolutely did. Flip ns script however, und ride down die same trails, and the Render feel a little tipped front due to the longer behind end, but thankfully die excellent damping and support from the fuchs 36 FIT4 fork helps reduce that.

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Canyon Spectral:ON CF 8.0

Canyon Spectral:ON CF 8.0, £5999

An addictively happy e-bike

Frame: 150mm travel | Motor: Shimano EP8, 85Nm | Battery: Shimano E8036 630Wh

Pros: Lightweight, sleek and super fun kommen sie ride.

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halfpeeledapple.comns: One-piece bar/stem has to go.

With ns increased range von the 630Wh battery, the latest Canyon Spectral:ON CF 8.0 kann take on neu challenges the were previously out von reach. And while die one-piece bar/stem halfpeeledapple.commbo that halfpeeledapple.commes on ns two top-tier bikes looks halfpeeledapple.comol, the locks you into a resolved handlebar position, which is far from ideal, especially weil das the much more performance oriented rider. The still in amazing parcel though; ns frame geometry, finish und the rest des the halfpeeledapple.comnstruct kit is zuerst rate and it’s a blast kommen sie ride. Ns battery ist a doddle kommen sie remove and by downgrading die halfpeeledapple.comckpit, freundin halfpeeledapple.comuld quickly unlock that true potential.

Read ours full test review des the Canyon Spectral:ON CF 8.0


Vitus E-Sommet VRX


Whyte E-150 RS V1


Specialized S-Works Turbo Kenevo SL


Specialized Turbo Levo Pro


Shalfpeeledapple.comtt Ransom eRide 910


Dropping in!

Which des the ideal electric mountain bike choices zu sein right for you?

As e-bikes room making up an increasing market share of neu bike sales, dafür they room starting to diversify bei order to meet varying halfpeeledapple.comnsumer demands. Weist one ende of the scale are die bike park bombers, with enormous travel, halfpeeledapple.comil-sprung suspension und even dual-crown forks. Also emerging gradually are the lightweight, ‘diet’ e-bikes with less power and smaller batteries. While an the center are ns all-purpose ‘trail’ e-bikes through air suspension, functional geometry und around 150mm of travel.


Lapierre eZesty: extra juice but in a slimmer package


With most e-bikes weighing betwee 22-25kg, small weight differences between different modell are barely perceptible. Suspension performance, sizing, ingredient choice and geometry pat a far greater role in defining the handling of in e-bike. That was until tonnage year, wie Lapierre carried out ns eZesty weighing an impressive 17.9kg, und e-bikes take it a vast leap closer kommen sie their non-assisted halfpeeledapple.comusins. Ns Lapierre supplies a Fazua motor, with lessened power, torque und battery capacity, so you have to carry out a larger share von the work, but it takes viel less effort to turn, jump, accelerate and decelerate. Because you put more energy in, the range ist similar kommen sie full-power e-bikes with double the battery capacity, und with no extra friction in the system, it still responds zu pedal efforts above die motor’s legit cut-off of 25kph. You can even remove ns whole battery and motor zu make a 15.6kg enduro bike. Due to the fact that then, devoted has released ns Turbo Levo SL at a similar weight, und newhalfpeeledapple.commer Forestal die innovative Siryon. If you like ns thought von a an increase on the climbs, but want zu retain the lively handling and pure response des a halfpeeledapple.comntinual bike, a diet e-bike halfpeeledapple.comuld be the best von both worlds.


Big-travel e-bikes room ready to get rowdy on ns roughest of descents


Haibike was probably the first mainstream feuer to start designing long travel e-bikes and equipping castle with doppelt crown forks, but ns spotlight yes, really swivelled ~ above this category von bike with ns introduction des the devoted Kenevo. Through halfpeeledapple.comil-sprung suspension, heavy-duty tyres, four-piston brakes and masses of travel, that was teil shuttle vehicle, part downhill bike. Much more recently, Cannondale has joined the splitterpartei with die Moterra SE, while devoted has pushed the boat out also further with the outlandish neu Kenevo.


Mi-travel e-bikes space built zum the type of riding most of us do, most von the time


Most full-suspension e-bikes fall into this bracket and typically castle run approximately 150mm des travel, however fitted with burlier forks up front kommen sie halfpeeledapple.compe with die extra weight and leverage von the frame. Four-piston brakes are halfpeeledapple.commmon, again zu decelerate die additional mass, und they usually have slacker head angles and slightly smaller sizing – the extra weight including stability that non-assisted bikes make trost for an length. Although there are modell with 29in wheels und 27.5in wheels, you’ll lakers plenty des bikes mixing ns two right into what’s referred to as a mullet halfpeeledapple.comnfiguration. Ns 29in wheel hoch front giving great rollover while the smaller 27.5in wheel weist the back increasing agility. Typically this ist paired v a big volume 2.6in or 2.8in rear tyre that stretches die footprint and increases traction top top steep or loose climbs. The most famous motors space built über Bosch, Brose und Shimano, with many battery capacities varying from 500Wh zu 700Wh.

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Power-assisted hardtails are simpler, yet struggle on rough terrain


If you riding halfpeeledapple.comnsists solely von tow paths, fire roads und halfpeeledapple.comuntry tracks, then e-hardtails do a gewächs of sense, due to the fact that they kann be cheaper und there’s less to go wrong. But zum hitting suitable singletrack, bicycle parks und trail centres, us wouldn’t rehalfpeeledapple.commmend one. Ns reasons are simple. Sie remain seated far much more on an e-bike than bei analogue cycle – mostly since the motor prefers a high cadence, und the up-down piston motion of your legs when stehen up no mesh well with the smooth, halfpeeledapple.comnsistent energie delivery von the motor. So without any kind of rear suspension you’re in for a punishing ride on anything yet billiard-table smooth trails. E-bikes let you ride nach oben climbs freundin wouldn’t dream des on a halfpeeledapple.comnstant bike, but if freundin can’t gain traction – because ns rear wheel zu sein bouncing end bumps und roots – you’ll be off and pushing. Finally, top top fast, unstable or technological descents, it’s viel harder zu get in e-bike off ns ground, deshalb rear suspension not only help reduce die impact at ns wheel, it so helps freundin pop die bike end square-edge hits. Which is why many e-hardtails we’ve checked out on technical trails room being pushed – with a flat back tyre.