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Adjusting the gears, lubricating a chain, instead of worn-out brake auflagen or removing die fork and rear-shock weil das a pre-season service; there room plenty of good reasons zu own a repair stand. Unfortunately notfall all stands have the stability needed kommen sie support a hefty E-MTB. We tested eight of the most well-known work-stands on the market und will tell you which one zu sein the can be fried E-MTB stand.

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Before we gain into ns review, we would like to tell sie about our latest print edition. The E-MOUNTAINBIKE Print edition 2021 zu sein our fourth annual edition und the can be fried guide in your search for the perfect eMTB. Spread over 260 pages von high-quality print, we offer freundin a substantial buyer’s guide, reviews and details des 35 bikes and a kopieren, gruppe test von the 8 most exciting motors. You’ll deshalb find many beneficial tips und a overview to die most amazing eMTB fads – all des this is wrapped bei a high quality print format. Click here zum more die info or order the directly in our shop!


What kommen sie consider wie buying in E-MTB stand

When it comes to repair stands E-MTBs kommen sie with one huge disadvantage: castle heavy. Generally at least 10 kg heavier than any conventional bike. Zum obvious structural reasons repair stands room subjected kommen sie strong leverage forces und the additional weight of in E-MTB with its hefty battery und motor can become in issue v conventional repair-stands. Die tubing has to be durable enough to cope with die extra load and the structural entwurf capable von resisting stronger leverage forces. Lastly all von the height- und angle-adjustment-clamps ~ above the hauptsächlich head need zu be solid enough kommen sie hold the bike in place and prevent it from twisting about or sliding down. This describes why our prüfung features models with a certified fill capacity of at least 25 kg. Our prüfung bike weighs 23.5 kg.


An intuitive and fast working head-clamp system is in essential requirement when handling a hefty E-MTB. After all we’re not all bodybuilders who tun können hold up a 23,5 kg bike zum five minutes while getting die clamp ready. Freundin really want zu attach your bike to the stand as quickly as possible. We deshalb tried kommen sie find the end whether an ext money necessarily method more stability and better handling; it is why we set a vast test-field with prices ranging between € 130 und € 440.

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Three legged vs two legged

Generally there aren’t any significant advantages kommen sie one or the other system; both oase their pros und cons. As a rule von thumb two-legged arbeit stands market a wenig more stability under load, much more room zum pedal movement and usually a smaller sized footprint. On ns other hand they are much less stable without load und aren’t in optimal systems on uneven or sloping surfaces; in this situation three legged stands are much better. Thanks zu a main column these adapt better to ns floor und allow the bike to swivel von 360 degrees. The only weak point des three legged models zu sein the connection bolzen the legs und the main column; this isn’t always stable enough and can reason the gestanden to bending under hefty loads. An some instances it kann restrict the room betwee the pedals und the central column. We would generally recommend a 2 legged stand zum home-workshop applications and a three-legged model zum “on ns go” applications und uneven floors.

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ContecRocky Steady€ 129.954.56 kg
Feedback SportsPro Elite€ 299.955.50 kg
Feedback SportsSport Mechanic€ 169.905.72 kg
Park ToolPCS-10€ 249.997.70 kg
Park ToolPRS-25€ 439.995.96 kg
PedrosFolding fix Stand€ 385.009.30 kgincludes a bag
TopeakPrep gestanden Pro*€ 329.956.56 kgincludes a bag
Unior1693A BikeGator+€ 328.006.56 kgincludes a tray

*The Prep stand Elite zum € 279.95 (the exact same model only without the integrated scale) wasn’t easily accessible at die time von our test.

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