E bike mit grösster reichweite

The E-Mountainbike sector has long left it’s childhood behind und 2020 ebikes schutz matured kommen sie be even much more fun, versatile und better! however how schutz things developed and what’s happening on the market? What ideas are available und how are they unique?


Not so long ago, ebikes were blieb being laugh at und dismissed as pensioners’ bikes. Heute they represent the cutting edge von technological development und according kommen sie some prophecies, herald the end of the non motorised bike.

Uncertainty about this new development amongst customers has actually fallen und few now oase to inquiry whether E-MTBs are mature enough. Correctly so. Due to the fact that they room ready weil das anything you can throw weist them. It’s no longer just about whether an eMTB kann sein keep nach oben with its non motorised brother but about whether it uses a systematic concept des its own. We schutz summarised ns most important trends und show sie where sachen are going.

1. Understanding the overall concept

The use case of an eMTB is determined über the combination des motor, geometry, suspension und components. At this point, there’s almost nothing the doesn’t exist. Indigenous eSUVs that can be provided every day but still shine ~ above moderate gelände all die way kommen sie absolute trail rockets the replace ns traditional uplift, everything ist available. Sophisticated integration und technical functions that make bikes more versatile are on die rise, nur like die awareness that buying in eMTB isn’t just about ns highest battery volume or the most powerful motor. Viel more crucial are ns individual und personal demands for in eMTB. If you’re clear about that you tun können choose a fitting battery ide – und often that doesn’t even mean having the largest capacity. A bike is more than the sum des its parts and the arms race weil das battery size, motiv power or travel hardly ever results in better bikes. Ns holistic concept of in eMTB is the deciding factor.

2. Neu battery and motor concepts

More battery capacity inevitably leads to compromises in terms des trail performance, handling und everyday use. Therefore: as much as necessary, as little as possible.

Du schaust: E bike mit grösster reichweite

With battery capacity, much more isn’t instantly better. A bigger battery means more weight und due to the larger size des the battery usually results bei worse load distribution. Ns weight, height of the centre des gravity und weight distribution oase a vast influence on ns handling des a bike. Additional externally an installed batteries also lead to compromises bei handling, with the centre von gravity tending zu rise.


Fun hrs instead des watt-hours? viel rather a quick trip with maximum funny than a never ending grind on a Sunday drive with an unnecessarily hefty bike that’s equipped for bei Alpencross.

Batteries larger than 500 Wh room no longer a rarity, an interpretation increasing range further is becoming less des a priority for many riders. Several manufacturers also offer customers ns choice of different battery capacities kommen sie suit your needs.

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Die richtige frage lautet deshalb nicht: „Welches E-Mountainbike hat die größte Reichweite?“ Sondern: „Welches E-MTB-Akku-Konzept passt kommen sie mir?“

Extremely irradiate eMTBs v a FAZUA system, the can deshalb be ridden with die battery removed as non motorised bikes, room increasing an popularity. Manufacturers such together NOX Cycles and Lapierre already offer 2-in-1 solutions that let freundin convert them an extremely quickly. We’re expecting some additional exciting models zum 2020.


3. Individualisation

Your bike have to be just as individual as you are. Let them every talk! freundin think neon yellow, dark brown und purple make for a an excellent colour combination? climate order her bike in exactly those colours. Orbea offers their MyO configurator which lasst uns you choose various frame details und colours freely. Trek supplies a similar dienstleistungen with their job One configurator, letting everyone develop their own unique bike. Ns less colour-crazed amongst you should nonetheless take a closer look hinweisen configurators such together those offered von SIMPLON or Liteville. Alongside contents like forks, brakes, tires etc. Contents can also be adjusted to fit your body an advance. Having chosen ns right framework size, you’ll regularly be able to choose die appropriate feather weight or die length des your dropper post. That lets you optimise your bike for your mitarbeiter trail performance prior to you’ve also bought it. Yet practical components such as mudguards or a high-quality light system are so often accessible as extras, und you won’t even have to resort to duct maßband or zip ties – most des the time.



4. Networking und connectivity

Several manufacturers together as riese & Müller und Greyp room driving forward die development of connected bikes. The doesn’t nur help enhance safety, theft security, efficiency und comfort on your ebike, but intelligent and connected mobility as we’ve come to recognize it in science fiction zu sein becoming reality. While not all bikes weil das 2020 möchte be able to communicate v each other and many customers wollen likely notfall even want this, die options easily accessible are ending up being ever much more versatile. In the near future they can even aid contribute to solving some des the troubles facing city mobility. This vehicle zu vehicle communication also opens nach oben opportunities zu augment die biking experience with gamification und virtual reality.

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5. Integration and ergonomics

Wide bars, dropper posts, sensibly positioned charging ports and powerful motors are now expected together standard und are often incorporated neatly right into designs. In terms von usability und ergonomics over there have so been hopeful developments. Comfortable saddles zum longer rides are nur as widespread as neat und tidy cockpits. The mess von cables und brake hoses zu sein becoming a thing of the past thanks zu wireless contents or smarter internal routing. But zum 2020, there will be number of manufacturers who ausblüten haven’t managed kommen sie sensibly integrate the speed sensor into die frame, despite there gift minimal and well assumed out designs zum all motiv systems.

6. Danger: design over function

New geometry and design trends can und should it is in be check critically. Look at at the newest trend weil das SUV eMTBs: this group has great potential und offers exciting opportunities. Unfortunately, bei striving weil das muscular and purposeful aesthetics, these bikes frequently suffer compromises bei terms of handling. If heavy, wide oberteil tubes can look aggressive und cool, they reduce the feeling von security, freedom von movement and in turn impact on talk fun and handling. We’ve no doubt that die future zum SUV eMTBs ist bright, but some trends lead to dead ends…


There’s solid a component that has adjusted mountain biking bei recent years as viel as the dropper post so it’s unsurprising that it’s basically a standard component ~ above eMTBs as well. We’re des the opinion that die more take trip available, die better. That makes it all die more annoying the some rahmen limit this due to ns short insertion depth des the seat post. Proponents of a new idea space Liteville, BULLS and ROTWILD, who all use die unique incorporated dropper post from EightPins that supplies up kommen sie 228 mm travel. Yet conventional designs kann provide sufficient travel too. With compact droppers like the OneUp components V2 you tun können squeeze a little extra dropper post travel out von many frames.