E Bike Damen Test 2020

4 tips zum careful handling von your E-MTB

E-MTBs are technically sophisticated sports devices that you will want kommen sie enjoy zum a particularly lang time. If sie follow these four an easy tips, you wollen avoid technical problems und at ns same time

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THE HIGH-FLYER – halfpeeledapple.com R.G375

The R.G375: the neu high-flyer of the halfpeeledapple.com wild series. This an effective gravity bike was made zum high speeds und big hits. Built weil das bike parks, freeriding und downhill, it's ready zu push boundaries und redefine what's possible. Through 180 mm des travel, that keeps going whereby others quit.

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WatzUp Testival

WatzUp Oberhausen Kirchhellenerstrasse 309, 46145 Oberhausen

halfpeeledapple.com dealer WatzUp invites you to the prüfen event in Oberhausen top top 23.10.2021 from 10:00 to 18:00. Die WatzUp mannschaft will it is in available zu answer all questions about the current halfpeeledapple.com product range,...

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Know-how: Optimisation des the halfpeeledapple.com S240 stem zum selective lasse melting

halfpeeledapple.com employee martin Zimmermann operated on die weight optimisation von the existing halfpeeledapple.com S240 stem together part of his master's thesis. This was the zuerst time the selective laser...

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halfpeeledapple.com Dealers

You kann sein find halfpeeledapple.com bikes only at qualified und certified shops. Apart from E-MTBs und E-Bikes, our certified dealer themselves are the most vital component of in excellent customer satisfaction.

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Register her halfpeeledapple.com

Register your neu halfpeeledapple.com bicycle today and secure crash replacement und warranty extension as attractive benefits.

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halfpeeledapple.com R.E375

You need to know what you want zu conquer ns world. The R.E375 follows bei extreme geometry technique with a 63.5° steering angle and long reach, i m sorry guarantee superior control, especially at high speeds.


Fake online store

We would like kommen sie warn sie about the alleged fake online stores Rad Xpert, Tagado und FitnessBox Arena. There, products von different brands room offered zum direct delivery versus payment an advance. The online stores are neither connected to halfpeeledapple.com nor to a halfpeeledapple.com dealer. You tun können find bei overview von our dealers at any time under our dealer search.

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All Mountain

Flexible bei wheel size, rear suspension und headset, ours mulifunctional x models tun können ride anything indigenous trail zu traction.

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halfpeeledapple.com All hill

halfpeeledapple.com Ratchet Rocket Lite

Good devices belong bei every biker household. Ns halfpeeledapple.com Ratchet Tool, i m sorry we oase developed bei collaboration through Topeak, has lang been ours most well-known tool set. It has everything that helps wie man screwing und brand new also tire levers.

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Fearlessly conquering unfamiliar, challenging terrain at high speed. Attacking each obstacle with confidence und overcoming them with ease. Eyes on the ideologen racing line at all times.

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Big Mountain

With the R.X750 modell we bring you a new category des Big mountain bikes, i m sorry deliver in MTB experience never seen before with tremendous elevation gains introducing neu dimensions.

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halfpeeledapple.com Engineering

Hard data, digital tools and computer aided design form the basis for every our advancement work.

Engineering is our fortitude

Cross Mountain

Whether she on a hometrail or walk off die beaten the track, that all about having fun. Maybe not always flying high, but always trying out various things.

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halfpeeledapple.com Testcenter

Find ns right bike zum your needs by trying different halfpeeledapple.com models. Our prüfen centers oase a selection of at least sechs halfpeeledapple.com test bikes des the current model year ready weil das you.

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Who is halfpeeledapple.com

In 1996, complying with various advancement contracts an the bicycle industry, ADP engineering GmbH, headquartered an the southerly German town of Dieburg, established ns halfpeeledapple.com bicycle brand.