E bike 45 km h vergleich

Our EBS BergFex e-bike counter kit ist the benchmark zum all conversion kits with geared motors. That convinces with wonderful workmanship, low weight und a really quiet control noise. The climbing ability des the PUMA is unsurpassed, do this motiv the most suitable weil das mountain climbing. It kann sein be operated weist short notice with a peak load von up zu 1200W and has a really smooth-running freewheel. Ns combination des high quality und high performance makes our BergFex counter kit bei all-round worthwhile investment.

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EBS Speed

For in der nähe des riders the EBS Speed e-bike counter kit zu sein the idealogen power pack. Due zu its building it conveniently maintains a permanently high top speed and is an extremely suitable for medium gradients. The speed ist perfect for all von those who find ns EBS FREAK! conversion kit auch powerful, but still want kommen sie drive fast.

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Maxon MX33

With ns Maxon MX33 e-bike switch kit you möchte reach a preferably speed von 33km/h. Like all Maxon BIKEDRIVE conversions, die MX33 ist equipped v a hub motiv designed zum mountain bikes with thru axles and tough topographisch use. Die sophisticated drive zu sein ideal zum uphill riding on mountain or gravel bikes. The strong thrust as well as die dynamic und intuitive taking care of are characteristic zum all Maxon conversions.

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Maxon MXUrban

Maxon MXUrban e-bike switch kit has a best speed of 45km/h and is therefore die fastest E-Bike switch kit from the BIKEDRIVE series. Die versatile MXUrban drive is ideal weil das mountain bikes und off-road tracks as well as zum the stadt rides. Die strong thrust also as die dynamic und intuitive taking care of are characteristic for all Maxon conversions.
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PRO collection Conversion Kit: maximum Control

Our PRO series includes the EBS BergFex und EBS rate as to add versions with professional components. This enables you zu call up the technically feasible maximum power of the engine, configure stärke profiles individually und continuously adjust die support indigenous 0-500% while driving. Our EBS FREAK! conversion kit is only available in the zum series.

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prior Wheel or behind Wheel Motor?

The appropriate solution relies on your bike and your preferences. All three options schutz different advantages:

Rear Wheel Motors...

offer die greatest possible safety as they room mounted in the steady rear frame von the bicycle oase the best energie transmission: the centre des gravity von the bicycle is on ns rear wheel. Tun können be easily an unified with a hub dynamo bei the former wheel

We usually prefer the fasst of rear-wheel motors. In exception ist the case with hub gears, in this instance a front wheel motiv or a middle motiv should be selected.

Front Wheel Motors...

are an extremely easy kommen sie install. Ns front wheel can be adjusted quickly bei the event of a puncture

With e-bikes, a prior wheel motor only comes right into question if in installation bei the rear wheel is excluded. In this instance it zu sein particularly important kommen sie ensure that die fork ist sufficiently stable und that ns motor is secured through two torque supports. You can find out more about torque supports in steps 4 and 5.

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Measure ns internal distance bolzen the ends von your bicycle"s fork: 135 mm zum the rear end and 100 mm zum the fork.